Application 2562 Vav With Electric Reheat Or Baseboard Radiation; Overview; Baseboard Radiation; Electric Heat Interlock - Siemens BACNET 125-5037 Owner's Manual

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Application 2562 VAV with Electric Reheat or

Baseboard Radiation


In Application 2562, the controller modulates the supply air damper for the terminal box for
cooling and controls stages of electric reheat or baseboard radiation for heating. When in
heating, the terminal box either maintains minimum airflow or modulates the supply air
damper. In order for the terminal box to work properly, the central air-handling unit must
provide supply air. See Figure 7 and Figure 8.
Baseboard Radiation
Baseboard radiation can be a two-position valve or electrical resistance heating.
If the controller is in cooling mode, the heating valve is closed. When in heating mode, the
controller will operate the heating valve to maintain the heating setpoint.

Electric Heat Interlock

The electric heat stages will be disabled (turned off) when the electric heat airflow is less than
the defined minimum.
Do not set EHEAT FLOW (the defined minimum) to less than 5%; otherwise, the
electric heat interlock will be disabled.
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Siemens BACnet VAV Actuator Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

Table of Contents