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Hot Water Reheat; Electric Reheat; Notes - Siemens BACNET 125-5037 Owner's Manual

Building technologies bacnet vav actuator


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Hot Water Reheat

Do not set HTG FLOW MIN to 0 cfm (0 lps). A minimum airflow should be provided
across the heating coils when the heating valve is open.
When the controller is in cooling mode, the heating valve(s) are closed.
The heating loop modulates the heating valve(s) to warm up the room. In cooling mode, the
heating valve is closed.

Electric Reheat

Verify that the equipment is supplied with safeties by others to ensure that there is
airflow across the heating coils when they are to be energized.
The heating loop controls up to three stages of electric reheat to warm up the room. The
electric reheat is time modulated using a duty cycle. When the controller is in cooling mode,
the electric heat is OFF at all times.


1. If the temperature swings in the room are excessive or if there is trouble in maintaining
the setpoint, contact your local Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. representative for
more information.
2. The BACnet VAV Actuator, as shipped from the factory, keeps all associated equipment
OFF. The controller and its equipment are released to application control at start-up.
3. "Safeties by Others": This note implies that the associated equipment has safety features
installed, for example adding mechanical stops to the dampers.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents