Application 2597 Slave Mode; Overview; Using Auxiliary Points; Using The Controller As A Point Extension Device - Siemens BACNET 125-5037 Owner's Manual

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Application 2597 Slave Mode


Application 2597 is the slave mode application for the BACnet VAV Actuator (P/N 550-430
and 550-431). Slave mode is the default application that comes up when power is first
applied to the controller. Slave mode provides no control. Its purpose is to allow the operator
to perform equipment checkout before a control application is put into effect and to set some
basic controller parameters (CTLR ADDRESS, APPLICATION, etc.). A controller in default
state can also be used as a point extension device by unbundling spare I/O points at the field

Using Auxiliary Points

It is possible to have extra points available on a BACnet VAV Controller — Electronic Output
in addition to the ones used by the current application that is running in the controller. If these
extra points are to be controlled by a field panel, then they must be unbundled at the field

Using the Controller as a Point Extension Device

If the controller is only used as a point extension device, with no control application in affect,
its application must be set to slave mode and points must be unbundled at the field panel. All
points must be controlled from the field panel in order to be used.
DO 3, DO 4, DO 5, and DO 6 may be used as separate DOs or in pairs (DO 3 and DO 4, DO
5 and DO 6) to control a motor as shown in the example.
If using DO 1 and DO 2 as the physical terminations for a motor, follow these steps:
1. Set MTR SETUP to 1 to enable the motor.
2. Unbundle MTR1 COMD at the field panel to command the motor from the field panel.
Contact your local Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. representative for other combinations
of DOs and motors.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
If using either a motor or DOs as auxiliary points, be sure to set MTR SETUP to
the correct value. If using a pair of DOs to control a motor, then the DOs cannot
be unbundled. Only MTR1 COMD and MTR2 COMD can be unbundled to control
the motors.
Siemens BACnet VAV Actuator Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

Table of Contents