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Bread - Making Ingredients; Bread Ingredients; Additional Ingredients; Gluten Free Information - Bosch SD-ZP2000 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic bread maker


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Bread - making Ingredients

It is extremely important to use the correct measure of ingredients for best results.
Liquid ingredients
Use the measuring cup or measuring spoon provided.
If the recipes indicate a mixture (the liquid plus egg), should be weighted on scales. Using digital scale is recommended.
Dry ingredients
Should be weighed on scales or measured with measuring spoon provided for the small amounts. Using digital scale is recommended.

Bread Ingredients

Main ingredient of bread. The protein in flour forms gluten during kneading. Gluten
provides structure and texture and helps the bread to rise.
Use strong bread flour. Strong bread flour is milled from hard wheat and has a high
content of protein which is necessary for the development of gluten.
Carbon dioxide produced during fermentation is trapped within the elastic
network of gluten, thus making the dough rise.
Dry yeast
Enables the bread to rise.
Be sure to use dry yeast that does not require pre-fermentation (Do not use dry
yeast requiring fermentation before using).
Dry yeast which has Instant Yeast, Easy Blend, Fast Action or Easy Bake
written on the packet is recommended. When using dry yeast from sachets,
seal the sachet again immediately after use, and keep in the refrigerator.
(Use within the manufacturer's recommended time.)
Dairy products
Add flavour and nutritional value.
● If you use milk instead of water, the nutritional value of the bread will be
higher, but do not use in timer setting as it may not keep fresh overnight.
ïReduce the water content accordingly.
(granulated sugar, brown sugar, honey, treacle, etc.)
Food for the dry yeast, sweetens and adds flavour to the bread, changes the
colour of the crust.
● Use less sugar if using raisins or other fruits, which contain fructose.
You can make your bread taste better by
adding other ingredients.
n Eggs
Improve the nutritional value and colouring of the bread.
● Reduce the liquid (water) content proportionally.
● Beat eggs when adding them. Do not use timer setting for the recipe
with egg. Eggs go rotten quickly and it may not keep fresh.
n Bran
Increases the bread's fibre content.
● Use max. 30 g (2 tbsp).
n Wheat germ
Gives the bread a nuttier flavour.
● Use max. 30 g (2 tbsp).
n Spices, herbs
Enhance the flavour of the bread.
Only use a small amount (max. 1 tbsp) for spices.
Use up to 1 – 2 tbsp of dried herbs.
For fresh herbs, follow the instructions in the recipe.
Use normal tap water.
● When room temperature is low, use tepid water for menu 1, 2, 3, 9, 11, or 14.
● When room temperature is high, use chilled water for menu 12.
● Regardless of room temperature, use chilled water for menus 6 and 7.
Always measure out liquids using the measuring cup provided.
Adds flavour and softness to the bread.
Use butter (unsalted), margarine or oil.
Improves the flavour and strengthens gluten to help the bread rise.
The bread may lose size / flavour if measuring is inaccurate.
Gluten Free Ingredients
● Gluten free flours, these include flours made from rice, brown rice, almond,
seeds, potato starch, etc. do not have protein to firm gluten and on their
own do not have this elasticity for bread making.
● Xanthan gum is a one of thickening agent that works in the place of gluten
protein during fermentation in gluten free bread baking.
If using a bread mix...
n Bread mixes including dry yeast
â Place the mix in the bread pan, then add water.
(Follow instructions on the packet for the quantity of water)
ê Select the menu 9, choose a size according to the volume of the
mix and start the baking.
500 g – L
400 g – M
● With some mixes, it is not clear how much dry yeast is included, some
trial and error may be required to obtain optimum results.
n Bread mix with separate dry yeast sachet
â Place the dry yeast in the bread pan first, then the bread mix and
pour the water.
ê Set the machine according to the type of flour included in the mix,
and start the baking.

Additional Ingredients

(Dried fruits, nuts, bacon, cheese etc.)
Available Menu
2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11 and 12
Make your flavoured breads without smashing additional ingredients.
After the Start button was pressed, you will hear beep sounds.
Place the additional ingredients into the bread pan manually while
Time until the beep sounds from start (approximately)
● Menu 2 / White Raisin Bread: 20 minutes – 25 minutes
● Menu 3 / White Stuffed Bread: 20 minutes – 25 minutes
● Menu 5 / Whole Wheat Raisin Bread: 1 hour 25 minutes – 1 hour 55 minutes
● Menu 7 / Lean Raisin Bread: 1 hour – 2 hours 35 minutes
● Menu 10 / Soft Raisin Bread: 50 minutes – 1 hour 15 minutes
● Menu 11 / Soft Raisin Rapid Bread: 20 minutes – 25 minutes
● Menu 12 / Brioche: 55 minutes
Attention of ingredients
Follow the recipe / menu instructions for the quantities of each ingredients.
The ingredients may scatter from bread pan to cause unpleasant smells and smoke.
The bread may not rise well.
Dry / insoluble ingredients
Apply to menu name with Raisin: Menu 2, 5, 7, 10, and 11.
n Dried fruits
● Chop into approx. 1 cm cubes.
n Nuts, seeds
● Chop into approx. 1 cm cubes.
● Nuts impair the effect of gluten, so avoid using too much.
● Using large, hard seeds may scratch the coating of the bread pan.

Gluten Free Information

Making gluten free bread is very different from the normal way of producing bread.
It is very important if you are making gluten free bread for health reasons that you have consulted your doctor and follow the guidelines below.
● This program has been developed especially for certain gluten free ingredients, therefore using your own mix may not produce such good results.
● When gluten free is selected, the details for each recipe must be followed carefully. (Otherwise, the bread may not turn out well.)
There are two types of gluten - free baking mixtures; mixtures with low content of gluten and mixtures which do not consist of wheat and contain no gluten. If
you have to pick one out using this baking program, please consult your doctor beforehand.
● The baking results and bread's appearance may differ according to the type of mix. Occasionally a bread may have some flour remaining on the side.
The wheat free mixes can produce more variable results.
● Wait for the bread to cool before slicing it for the better performance.
● The bread should be stored in a cool dry place and used within 2 days. If you will not be able to use up all the bread within that time, it can be put into freezer
bags, in convenient sized portions, and frozen.
Warning for the users who use this program for health reasons:
When using the gluten free program, make sure to consult your doctor or the Coeliac Association and only use the ingredients which are suitable for your health
Panasonic will not be responsible for any consequences resulting from ingredients that have been used without professional consultation.
It is very important to avoid cross contamination with flours that contain gluten if bread is being made for dietary reasons. Particular attention must be paid to the
cleaning of the bread pan and kneading blade as well as any utensils that are used.
is flashing.
Soft and easy break ingredients
Apply to Stuffed Bread: Menu 3.
n Bacon, salami, olive, dry tomato
● Cut the bacon and the salami into 1 cm cubes.
● Cut the olive into ¼.
n Cheese, chocolate
● Cut the cheese into 1 cm cubes.
● Chop chocolate finely.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents