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Parts Names And Instructions; Main Unit & Accessories; Control Panel And Display - Bosch SD-ZP2000 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic bread maker
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Parts Names and Instructions

Main Unit & Accessories
Main Unit
Kneading blade
Bread pan
mounting shaft
Mains lead
Control panel
Mains plug *
* The shape of mains plug may be different from illustration.
Bread pan and kneading blade are coated with ceramic to avoid stains and to make bread easier to remove.
To avoid damaging their ceramic coating, please follow the instructions below:
● Do not use hard or sharp utensils such as a knife or a fork when removing the bread from the bread pan or / and
removing the kneading blade from the bread or bread pan.
If bread sticks to bread pan and is difficult to be taken out, leave the bread pan for 5 minutes – 10 minutes to cool.
Turn the bread pan upside down using oven gloves (see P. GB12). Tap holding both hands onto a clear cooking
surface covered with kitchen towel until the bread comes out.
● The kneading blade may remain stack in the bread. If still remains, wait for the bread cool down and take it out
before slicing.
If the kneading blade cannot be removed from bread pan, pour warm water into the bread pan and wait 5 minutes –
10 minutes.
Still difficult to remove, turn kneading blade laterally and pull it out.
● Use the soft sponge when cleaning the bread pan and the kneading blade.
Do not use anything abrasive such as cleansers or scouring pads.
● Hard, coarse or large ingredients such as flours with whole or ground grains, sugar, or the addition of nuts and seeds may damage their
ceramic coating. If using large chunk of ingredient, break or cut into small pieces. Please follow the information of Additional Ingredients
(see P. GB9) and the recipe quantities stated.
● Use only supplied kneading blade for this appliance.
The bread pan, kneading blade, and bread may be very hot after baking. Always handle with care.
Steam vent
Measuring cup
Measuring spoon
(15 mL)
● ½ marking
(Max. 310 mL)
● 10 mL increments

Control Panel and Display

● Picture shows all words and symbols, but only those relevant will be displayed during operation.
n Operation status
Displayed for the current stage of the program except
: Provide an indication of a power failure.
: ● Provide an indication of adding ingredients manually.
(Menu 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11 and 12.)
● Provide an indication of doing manual operation. (Menu 12 and 15.)
(5 mL)
● ¼, ½, ¾
n Size
Press this button to choose
size. See P. GB10 for
available menu.
n Menu
● Press this button once to be a setting mode.
● Press this button again to change Menu number.
(To advance more quickly, hold the button.)
See P. GB10 for menu number.
n Timer
● Set delay timer (time until bread is ready). For available menu, it can be set up to 13 hours. (See P. GB10)
e.g.: It is 9:00 PM now, and you want the bread to be ready at 6:30 the next morning.
Set the timer to 9:30 (9 hours and 30 minutes from now).
9 h 30 min
from now
Current time
● Setting time for menu 13 and 18:
• Menu 13
Press the button once will advance the baking time including additional baking time by 1 minute.
• Menu 18
Press the button once will advance the cooking time by 10 minutes but additional cooking time will be by 1 minute.
n Time showing
n Crust
Press this button to choose
n Stop
crust colour. See P. GB10
for available menu.
To cancel the setting / stop the program.
(Hold for approximately 1 second.)
n Status indicator
● Flash indicates that the machine is in set state or manual
operation is required.
Start button can be pressed.
● Always light indicates that the machine is in program
execution state.
Start button cannot be pressed.
It will not turn on even plugged in.
▲ Press this button to increase the time.
▼ Press this button to decrease the time.
(To advance more quickly, press this button once then hold it.)
Ready time
● Time remaining until ready.
● When adding ingredients manually, display
will show the time until adding extra
ingredients in the program.
● Menu required some manual steps, display
will show the remaining time until starting its
process after press Start button.
n Start
Press this button to start
the program.