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Safety Precautions; Important Information - Bosch SD-ZP2000 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic bread maker
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Safety Precautions

To avoid risk of electric shock, fire due to short circuit, smoke, burn or injury.
l Keep the appliance and its mains lead out of reach of children less than 8
l Make sure the voltage indicated on the label of the appliance corresponds
to your local supply.
Also avoid plugging other devices into the same household mains socket to
prevent electrical overheating. However, if you are connecting a number of mains
plugs, make sure the total wattage does not exceed the rated wattage of the
household mains socket.
l Insert the mains plug firmly.
l Dust off the mains plug regularly.
Unplug the mains plug, and wipe with a dry cloth.
l Discontinue using the appliance immediately and unplug in the unlikely
event that this appliance stops working properly.
Example for abnormal occurrences or breaking down:
The mains plug and the mains lead become abnormally hot.
The mains lead is damaged or the appliance power fails.
The main body is deformed, has visible damage or is abnormally hot.
There is abnormal turning noise while in use.
There is unpleasant smell.
There is another abnormality or failure.
Consult the place of purchase or Panasonic service centre for inspection or repair.
To avoid risk of electric shock, fire, burn, injury or property damage.
l Do not use the appliance on following places.
On uneven surfaces, on electrical appliances such as
a refrigerator, on materials such as tablecloths or on
carpets, etc.
Places where it may be splashed with water or near a
heat source.
Position the appliance on a firm, dry, clean, flat heatproof
worktop at least 10 cm from edge of worktop and at least
5 cm from adjacent walls and other objects.
l Do not remove the bread pan or unplug the appliance during use.
Please make sure to follow
these instructions.
To avoid risk of electric shock, fire, burn, injury or property damage.
l Do not touch hot area such as bread pan, inside of unit, heating element or
inside of the lid while the appliance is in use or immediately after use.
The accessible surfaces may become hot during use. Be careful with the residual
heat source especially after use.
To avoid burn, always use oven gloves to remove the bread pan or the finished
bread. (Do not use wet oven gloves.)
l Do not use an external timer etc.
This appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or
separate remote - control system.
l Do not insert any object in the gaps.
l Do not exceed the maximum quantities of flour (500 g) and raising
ingredients such as dry yeast (7 g) or baking powder (13 g). (See P. GB21)
l Unplug the mains plug when the appliance is not in use.
l Make sure to hold the mains plug when unplugging it.
Never pull on the mains lead.
l Before handling, moving or cleaning, unplug the appliance and allow it to
cool down.
l This appliance is intended for household use only.
l Ensure to clean the appliance especially surfaces in contact with food after
use. (See P. GB17)

Important Information

● Do not use the appliance outdoors, in rooms of high
humidity, or use excessive force on the parts as is
illustrated on the right to avoid malfunction or deformation.
● Do not use a knife or any other sharp tool to remove
● Do not drop the appliance to avoid damaging it.
● Do not store any ingredients or bread in the bread pan.
This symbol on the appliance indicates "Hot surface and should not be
touched without caution".
Connected part
Heating element
Inside of the lid
Temperature sensor