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Getting To Know Your Ice Maker - NewAir AI-250W Owner's Manual

Portable countertop ice maker
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25. Disconnect the power supply and drain out the remaining water from the rear
drain when the ice machine will not be in use for an extended period of time.
26. Please note, the ice cubes of the first cycle may have an odor due to water quality.
This is not a defect. After several cycles, the smell will go away. If a cycle of ice is
producing an odor, do not consume this ic


1. Ice Scoop: Use to easily remove and service ice from the basket.
2. Ice Full Indicator: Lets you know when the ice tray
is too full for another cycle to begin.
3. Ice Basket: Stores finished ice inside the unit.
4. Top Cover: Keeps ice cooler, and has a window
so you can see how much ice you have without
opening the unit.
5. Vents: Allows internal heat to escape. Please
allow six inches of space on all sides of the unit
for proper ventilation.
6. Water Drain Cap: Remove to drain excess water
from the unit.
7. Maximum Water Level: Do not fill the water tank above this line.
8. Indication Light:
• ON/OFF: Indicates that the power is on.
• RUN: Indicates that the unit is operating and creating ice.
• ADD WATER: Indicates that the unit needs more water in order to create
more ice.



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