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Getting To Know Your Ice Maker - NewAir NIM033SS00 Owner's Manual

Portable countertop ice maker
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1. Ice Basket and Scoop: used for storing and serving the ice.
2. Windowed Cover: allows you to check how much ice has been produced
without having to open the top and let in warm air.
3. Air Vents: Located on the back and sides of the unit, these vents help
prevent the unit from overheating. Please leave at least six inches of space
all around the unit for proper ventilation.
4. Water Drain: allows you to empty the water from the tank easily.
5. Max Fill Line: Inside the water tank below the ice tray is a line marking
labeled "MAX." Do not fill the water tank above this line.
6. Controls/Indicator Lights:
ON/OFF: Turn the unit on and off. While on, the unit will continuously
produce ice, as long as there is water in the tank and the ice tray is not
SELECT: Select the size of the ice. Small ice takes roughly 6 minutes for
a batch to complete, and large ice takes roughly 8 minutes for a batch
to complete.
ICE FULL: There is an infrared sensor that helps detect when the ice
tray is full. When the tray is full, ice production will stop and the "Ice
Full" indicator will light up.
ADD WATER: When the "Add Water" indicator lights up, the unit will
need more water poured into the water tray below the ice basket.

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