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Ink Ribbon Replacement - Sharp CS-2635H Operation Manual

Electronic printing calculator
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Table of Contents
1. Remove the paper roll from the calculator. (Tear the paper and remove it from the
print mechanism by using
2. Set the power switch to OFF.
Make sure that the print wheel has stopped.
3. Remove the printer cover by sliding it towards the back of the calculator. (Fig. 1)
4. Remove the used ribbon.
5. Install the new ribbon.
6. With the black side of the ribbon facing upwards, place one of the reels on the reel
shaft on the right. (Fig. 2) Make sure that the reel is securely in place.
7. Thread the ribbon around the outside of the metal guides. (Fig. 3)
8. Take up any slack by manually turning one of the reels.
9. Replace the printer cover.
10. Replace the paper roll.
Printer cover
Ink ribbon


Fig. 1
Reel shaft
Ink ribbon
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
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Table of Contents

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