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English - Bosch GAL 1230 CV Professional Original Instructions Manual

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Product Description and
Read all safety warnings and
all instructions. Failure to fol-
low the warnings and instruc-
tions may result in electric
shock, fire and/or serious inju-
Save these instructions.
Use the battery charger only when you fully understand and
can perform all functions without limitation, or have received
appropriate instructions.
Safety Notes
This charger is not intended for use
by children and persons with phy-
sical, sensory or mental limitations
or a lack of experience or know-
ledge. This charger can be used by
children aged 8 and above and by
persons who have physical, senso-
ry or mental limitations or a lack of
experience or knowledge if a per-
son responsible for their safety su-
pervises them or has instructed
them in the safe operation of the
charger and they understand the
associated dangers. Otherwise,
there is a danger of operating errors
and injuries.
Supervise children. This will ensure
that children do not play with the
Only charge Bosch lithium-ion
batteries with a capacity of
1.3 Ahor more (3 battery cells or
more). The battery voltage must
match the battery charging voltage
of the charger. Do not charge non-
rechargeable batteries. Otherwise
there is danger of fire and explosion.
1 609 92A 40G | (14.12.17)
Keep the battery charger away from rain or
moisture. Penetration of water in the battery
charger increases the risk of an electric shock.
 Keep the battery charger clean. Contamination can lead
to danger of an electric shock.
 Before each use, check the battery charger, cable and
plug. If damage is detected, do not use the battery
charger. Never open the battery charger yourself.
Have repairs performed only by a qualified technician
and only using original spare parts. Damaged battery
chargers, cables and plugs increase the risk of an electric
 Do not operate the battery charger on easily inflamma-
ble surfaces (e. g., paper, textiles, etc.) or surround-
ings. The heating of the battery charger during the charg-
ing process can pose a fire hazard.
 In case of damage and improper use of the battery, va-
pours may be emitted. Ventilate the area and seek
medical help in case of complaints. The vapours can irri-
tate the respiratory system.
 Do not cover the ventilation slots of the battery charg-
er. Otherwise, the battery charger can overheat and no
longer operate properly.
Products sold in GB only: Your product is fitted with a
BS 1363/A approved electric plug with internal fuse (ASTA
approved to BS 1362).
If the plug is not suitable for your socket outlets, it should be
cut off and an appropriate plug fitted in its place by an author-
ised customer service agent. The replacement plug should
have the same fuse rating as the original plug.
The severed plug must be disposed of to avoid a possible
shock hazard and should never be inserted into a mains sock-
et elsewhere.
Product Features
The numbering of the product features refers to the illustra-
tion of the battery charger on the graphics page.
1 Battery pack*
2 Charging compartment
3 Red battery charge indicator
4 Green battery charge indicator
*Accessories shown or described are not part of the standard de-
livery scope of the product. A complete overview of accessories
can be found in our accessories program.
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