Transportation Instructions; Installation Instructions - Beko AB910 Installation, Operating & Food Storage Instructions

Side by side frost free fridge/freezer
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1. The appliance should be transported only in a vertical upright position. The
packing as supplied must be intact during transportation.
2. If during the course of transport the appliance has to be transported
horizontally, it must only be laid on its left hand side when standing in the
front of the appliance. After bringing it to upright position,it must not be operated
for at least 4 hours to allow the system to settle.
3. Failure to comply with the above instructions could result in damage occuring
to the appliance. The manufacturer will not be held responsible if these
instructions are disregarded.
4. The appliance must be protected against rain, moisture and other
atmospheric influences.
5. When positioning your appliance take care not to damage your flooring,
pipes, wall coverings etc. Do not move the appliance by pulling by the door
or handle.
6. Empty any water in the drain tray before moving. See section 'Care & cleaning'
for further information.
7. Make sure that the defrost water pipe at the back of the product is fixed to the
plastic evaporating pan on the right hand side of the compressor, to avoid
defrost water spillage on the floor.
Do not attempt to sit or stand on top of your appliance as it is not designed for
such use. You could injure yourself or damage the appliance.
"IMPORTANT: Make sure that mains cable is not caught under the appliance
during and after carrying / moving the appliance, to avoid the mains cable
becoming cut or damaged."
Do not allow children to play with the appliance or tamper with the controls.
BEKO plc declines to accept any liability should the instructions not be


1. The space in the room where the appliance is installed must not be smaller
than 10 cubic metres.
2. Do not put your fridge freezer in a cold room where the temperature is likely
to go below +5 degrees C (41 degrees F) during night time and/or especially
in winter.
This fridge freezer has been designed to operate in ambient temperatures
between +5 and +43 degrees C (41 and 109 degrees F) Therefore if the
appliance is installed in an unheated/cold room (eg: conservatory/annex/
shed/garage etc) then the appliance will not operate causing the freezer
compartment to run warmer and as a result the storage time of frozen food
may be reduced.
3. Do not place the appliance near cookers, radiators or in direct sunlight as this
will cause your appliance to work harder. If installed next to a source of heat
or freezer, maintain the following minimum side clearances:
From Cookers
From Radiators
From Freezers
From Wall
4. Adjustable feet adjustment for levelling
If your refrigerator is not level, you can level it by turning the front feet as illustrated
in the figure below. The corner where the feet is lowered when you turn in the
direction of black arrow and raised when you turn in the opposite direction. You
may need somebody to help you to slightly lift the refrigerator off the floor for a
few centimeters. Take care when lifting the appliance because it is very heavy.
5. Door height adjustment
If there is a misalignment between the doors, perform the steps indicated below to adjust
door heights:
Doors can be raised vertically. This process can be performed easily using a cross section
screwdriver and an allen key as illustrated in the following figures. Door racks should
be removed when adjusting the door height.
• Remove the screws fastening the lower cover using a cross section screwdriver in the
order shown in the figure.
50 mm (2")
300 mm (12")
25 mm (1")
50 mm (2")

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