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Side by side frost free fridge/freezer
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Cleaning the water tank
Remove the water tank, open the latches on both sides
and detach the top cover mechanism from the water
tank. Clean the water tank with warm clean water,
reinstall the top cover mechanism and fasten the
When installing the water tank, make sure that hooks
behind it fits securely into the hangers on the door.
Make sure that parts removed during cleaning (if any)
are installed correctly into their original locations.
Otherwise, water may leak.
Water tank and components of water dispenser are
not dishwasher-proof.
Water that drips while using the water dispenser
accumulates in the drip tray.
In order to clean the drip tray, remove the plastic
drainer part as shown in the diagram by
pressing down on the edge.
Remove the water valve from the water tank
as shown in the diagram. When re-fitting,
make sure the O-shaped seal is in place.

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Table of Contents

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