Energy Saving Tips; Problem Solving And Trouble Shooting - Beko AB910 Installation, Operating & Food Storage Instructions

Side by side frost free fridge/freezer
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1- Ensure your appliance is installed in a well ventilated area. If the ambient
temperature is low (but in no case lower than 5 degrees C), then the energy
saving will be more.
2- Ensure the time between buying chilled/frozen food and placing them in your
appliance is kept at minimum, particularly in summer. We recommend you use
a cool bag or a special carrier bag to carry frozen food.
3- Do not leave the door (s) of your appliance open longer than necessary and
ensure they are closed properly after each opening.
4- Defrost frozen food in the fridge compartment, so that frozen food acts as an
ice pack to assist cooling in the fridge.


If the appliance does not operate when switched on, check whether:
• The plug is inserted properly in the socket and that the power supply is on. (To
check the power supply to the socket, plug in another appliance)
• The fuse has blown/circuit breaker has tripped/main distribution switch has
been turned off.
• The temperature control has been set correctly.
• New plug is wired correctly if you have changed the fitted moulded plug.
If the appliance is still not operating after the above checks, please refer to the
section on "How To Obtain Service".
Please ensure that above checks have been made as a charge will be made if no
fault is found.

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