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Side by side frost free fridge/freezer
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Humidity level control in the crisper
Humidity level can be adjusted by sliding
the humidity adjustment slider to the right
or left.
• If you want to maintain humidity in this
compartment, set the humidity adjustment
slider to the closed position. (Left)
• If you want to eliminate humidity in this
compartment, set the humidity adjustment
slider to the open position. (Right)
Pull out sliding shelves
Sliding shelves can be pulled out to easily
reach the food placed at the rear of the
Snack Tray - Supplied with AS920 Model
Snack tray can be used to store small items
that you frequently use. Please take extra
care not to damage the Snack Tray when
you take it out of the fredge.
Stored Water Dispenser - Supplied with AS920 Model
Water dispenser is a very useful feature to obtain chilled
water without opening the door of your fridge. Since you
do not have to open the door of your fridge frequently,
you also save on electricity.
Using the water dispenser
Push in the lever of the water dispenser with your glass.
By releasing the lever, you cut off the dispensing.
When operating the water dispenser, maximum flow is
achieved by fully depressing the lever. Please note, how
much water flows from the dispenser depends on how far
you depress the lever. As the level of water in your cup /
glass rises, gently reduce the amount of pressure on the
lever to avoid overflow. If you depress the lever a small
amount, then water will trickle; this is perfectly normal and
is not a fault.
Filling in the water tank of water dispenser
Open the cap of the water tank as illustrated in the figure.
Fill in with pure and clean drinking water. Close the cap.
To avoid accidental water dispensing, we recommend you
Water Tank Capacity
2.2 Litres
to lock the water dispenser. [See Page 16]
• Do not fill water tank with any liquid other than drinking
water; beverages such as fruit juice, carbonated fizzy soda
drinks, alcoholic drinks are not suitable for use with water
dispenser. If such liquids are used, the water dispenser will
malfunction and may be damaged beyond repair. The
guarantee does not cover such uses. Some chemical
ingredients and additives in such drinks / beverages may
also attack and damage the water tank material.
• Only use clean pure drinking water.
• Capacity of water dispenser tank is 2.2 litres [3.8 pints],
do not overfill.
• Push the water dispenser lever with a rigid cup. If you
are using a plastic disposable cup, then push the lever with
your fingers from behind the cup.
• Safety Lock is supplied for your convenience when filling
the water tank and also to avoid small children tampering
with the water dispenser. [See Page 16]

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