Using The Accessories - Beko AB910 Installation, Operating & Food Storage Instructions

Side by side frost free fridge/freezer
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Double twist and serve ice cube trays and
ice cube storage tray called Ice Bank
Fill ice cube trays 2/3 with water and place
them in the freezer. To dispense the ice cubes,
twist the tray as shown. Store ice cubes in the
tray underneath.
Warning! Do not fill ice cube storage tray
with water.
Note: If freshly made ice cubes are not
consumed for several weeks and stored in Ice
Bank, they will slowly reduce in size and
eventually disappear completely.
Chiller Compartment
Crisper or Chiller (0°C i. e. zero degree
centigrade compartment (1)
• The drawer at the bottom of the fridge
compartment can be converted into a salad
crisper or a Chiller Compartment.
• The Chiller Compartment will keep the
temperature below the temperature in the fridge
compartment around 0°C and so, meat or fish
can be kept fresher for longer.
Chiller Compartment is also ideal for the storage
of ready cooked chilled food.
• Vegetables and fruits may freeze if the
adjustment slider (2) is kept at Chiller
Compartment position. Therefore, check the
position of the slider (2) before storing food.
• In ambient temperatures at 10°C or lower,
green leaf vegetables and other easily frozen
salad should be removed from this compartment
(1) and placed into the upper crisper
compartment. (3)
• Do not swap the position of these drawers
and make sure that the position adjustment
slider is set at the desired position i.e. salad
crisper or Chiller Compartment.
• In ambient temperatures above 28°C, if the
compartment (1) is required to be colder, the
adjustment slider (4) in the freezer can be
converted to open position. Be sure the
adjustment slider (4) in the freezer is in close
position when the ambient temperature is below
Supplied with AS920 Model only.

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