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Controls - GE GSE22 Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

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Not all features are on all models. Your controls may be similar to the following:
The temperature controls are preset in the factory
recommended settings.
The temperature controls can display both the SET
temperature as well as the actual temperature in the
vary slightly from the SET temperature based on usage
and operating environment.
Locking the Dispenser
Press the Lock Controls pad for 3 seconds
to lock the dispenser and control panel. To
unlock, press and hold the key pads again
for 3 seconds.
Using the Dispenser
Press the glass gently against the top of the
dispenser cradle.
(on some models)
compartment. Allow 24 hours for the temperature to
Dispenser Light
This pad turns the light in the dispenser on
and off. The light also comes on when the
burns out, it should be replaced with a 6
Before replacing a burned-out
light bulb, the refrigerator should be unplugged
in order to avoid contact with a live wire filament.
(A burned-out light bulb may break when being
does not remove power to the light circuit.
Water Filter Replacement Indicator
The light on this button will illuminate when the
water filter needs to be changed. After the filter
has been changed, press and hold for 3 seconds

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Table of Contents

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