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GE GSE22 Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions page 11

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Water Filter Cartridge - XWF
Water Filter Cartridge
The water filter cartridge holder is located in the
back upper-right corner of the fresh food refrigerator
When to Replace the Filter
cartridge on the dispenser, the red filter light will start
blinking to tell you that you need to replace the filter soon.
while you are dispensing until the filter is replaced.
the door is open until the filter is replaced.
cartridge should be replaced every six months, or earlier
if the flow of water to the dispenser or icemaker
Removing the Filter
front tabs and gently pulling down.
2. Rotate the filter down.
3. Gently grasp the filter and slowly turn it
counterclockwise about a ¼ turn. The filter should
automatically release itself when you have rotated it far
enough to the left. A small amount of water may drip
the filter cartridge may be ejected as it is removed. Use
caution when removing.
To reduce the risk associated with choking, do not allow children under 3 years of age
to have access to small parts during the installation of this product. The disposable filter cartridge should be
replaced every 6 months at the rated capacity, or sooner if a noticeable reduction in flow rate occurs.
filters only. Using GE Appliances-branded filters in GE Appliances and Hotpoint® refrigerators provides optimal
performance and reliability. GE Appliances filters meet rigorous industry standards for safety and quality that are
important for products that are filtering your water. GE Appliances has not qualified non-GE Appliances-branded
filters for use in GE Appliances and Hotpoint refrigerators and there is no assurance that non-GE Appliances-
branded filters meet GE Appliances standards for quality, performance and reliability.
If you have questions, or to order additional filter cartridges, visit our website at or call GE
Appliances Parts and Accessories, 877.959.8688. (Canada 1.800.661.1616 or
(On some models.)
Filter Bypass Plug
To reduce the risk of property damage due to water
leakage, you MUST use the filter bypass plug when a
replacement filter cartridge is not available. Some models
do not come equipped with the filter bypass plug. To
Canada, call 800.561.3344. The dispenser and icemaker
will not operate without either the filter or bypass plug
installed. The bypass plug is installed in the same way as
a filter cartridge.
Installing the Filter Cartridge in a Side by
Side Refrigerator
1. Line up the arrow on the filter with the
arrow on the filter cartridge holder.
Gently push the top of the new filter up
inside the holder.
2. Slowly turn the filter to the right until it
turn the filter, it will automatically raise
itself into position. The filter will move
3. Run water from the dispenser for 2 gallons (7.6 liters)
or approximately 5 minutes to clear the system. Water
may spurt out and air bubbles may be visible during
this process.
select models) on the dispenser for three seconds.
Application Guidelines/Water Supply
Water Supply
Potable Water
Water Pressure
25-120 psi (172-827 kPa)
Water Temperature
170 gallons (643.5 liters)
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Table of Contents

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