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Troubleshooting - Honeywell 8832101S User Manual

Square faceplate digital bluetooth door knob
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Lock will not function
Lock gives error signal when
opening or locking and Latch
will not extend or retract
completely when closed.
The Latch is sticking.
The Keypad is not working.
The App is unable to connect
to a lock.
eKeys will not send after.
The default Keypad Passcode
is not working
Forgotten Password
Latch is not locking in
inclement weather
• Check that all batteries are fresh high quality Alkaline Batteries.
• Check for proper polarity (+ -) of all batteries.
• Check that the Control Wire is attached to the Interior Assembly.
• Unlock door using Key or Interior Knob.
• While door is open, check that the Latch operates smoothly.
• Check for proper alignment of the strike plate, adjust as needed to assure there is no
binding against the Latch.
Installation screws of the lock may be too tight and have to be loosened
• Remove Interior Assembly.
• Slightly loosen the Mounting Plate screws.
• Lock and unlock using the Key.
• Reattach Control Wire and Interior Assembly.
Application may be overriding the Keypad programming
• Check and see if the App has been connected to the lock
• Open the App and check the locks' setting to view/change the Administrator Code
Bluetooth is off, smart device is not compatible, or the lock may not be activated
• Contact customer assistance regarding compatibility issues, but iPhone 5 and later
models, and most Android devices are compatible.
• Turn Bluetooth on, and ensure the lock is activated by pressing a keypad button on the
physical lock until you see the icon to add the lock.
• Only registered users of the App can receive eKeys.. Ensure that the whoever is receiving
the eKey has a registered account, and their information is input correctly.
• Ensure you are connected to WiFi, and that the smart device is updated.
• If you have connected to the lock with the App, then the default Passcode is invalid, and
is replaced with a new Passcode generated by the App, which should be changed.
• On the home screen select the Forgot Password option, then select the account type that
was registered, and follow the prompts to create a new Password.
• Push or pull door to direct latch
• Re-adjust latch for smoother operations
Interior Assembly
Optional 3/4"(19mm)
Strike Plate
Mounting Plate
3/4"(19mm) screws(C)
Exterior Assembly
Vertical Tailpiece
Rubber Gasket
Battery Cover
5/16"(8mm) screw(A)
1"(25mm) screw(D)
7/8"(22mm) screws(B)



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