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Safety - Husqvarna BLi100C Operator's Manual

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Symbols on the product or its packaging
indicate that this product cannot be handled
The type plate shows the Husq-
varna ID.
Other symbols/decals on the product refer to special
certification requirements for certain markets.
Safety definitions
Warnings, cautions and notes are used to point out
specially important parts of the manual.
WARNING: Used if there is a risk of injury or
death for the operator or bystanders if the
instructions in the manual are not obeyed.
CAUTION: Used if there is a risk of damage
to the product, other materials or the
adjacent area if the instructions in the
manual are not obeyed.
Note: Used to give more information that is necessary in
a given situation.
Battery safety
(1) to (9) refer to
Product overview on page 2 .
WARNING: Read all safety warnings and all
instructions. Failure to follow the warnings
and instructions may result in electric shock,
fire and/or serious injury.
Note: Save all warnings and instructions for future
Only use Husqvarna original batteries for Husqvarna
products and only charge them in original QC330 or
QC500 battery charger from Husqvarna. The batteries
are software encrypted.
The rechargeable BLi100C, BLi200C, BLi300C battery
(1), is exclusively used as a power supply for the
relevant Husqvarna cordless appliances. To avoid injury,
the battery must not be used as a power source for
other devices.
545 - 005 -
Article number Factory and
production line


as domestic waste. This product must be
deposited at an appropriate recycling facility.
The product agrees with the applicable EC
Do not dismantle, open or shred batteries.
Do not expose cells or batteries to heat or fire. Avoid
storage in direct sunlight.
Regulary check that the battery charger and the
battery are intact. Damaged or modified batteries
may exhibit unpredictable behaviour resulting in fire,
explosion or risk of injury.
Never use a battery or appliance that is faulty,
modified or damaged.
Never attempt to modify or repair the battery. Entrust
all repairs to your authorized dealer only.
Do not subject batteries to mechanical shock.
Do not remove a battery from its original packaging
until required for use.
In the event of leaking, do not allow the liquid to
come in contact with the skin or eyes. If contact has
been made, wash the affected area with copious
amounts of water and seek medical advice.
Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
Keep battery clean and dry.
Wipe the battery terminals with a clean dry cloth if
they become dirty.
Batteries need to be charged before use. Always use
Husqvarna QC330 or QC500 battery charger.
Do not leave a battery on prolonged charge when
not in use.
Remove the battery from the equipment when not in
When battery is not in use, keep it away from other
metal objects, like paper clips, coins, keys, nails,
screws or other small metal objects, that can make a
connection from one terminal to another. Shorting
the battery terminals together may cause burns or a
Serial number/
Control num-
Batch ID


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