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Operating Spice Grinder (Optional) - KitchenAid 5AKCG111 Instructions Manual

Blade coffee grinder


Table of Contents
1. Remove the coffee bowl from
the grinder base.
2. Fill the spice grinder with the desired
spices, then put on the solid spice
grinder lid.
3. Place the spice grinder bowl into
the grinder base and twist clockwise to
lock into place.
4. Place the top cover of the Coffee
Grinder over the solid spice grinder lid,
making sure the top cover aligns with
the motor housing base in the same
way it does when grinding coffee. Then,
press down on the top cover to run
the Coffee Grinder to grind spices to
the desired consistency. Do not grind
continuously for more than 30 seconds.
See the suggested grinding times in the
"Suggested Grinding Chart" in the "Spice
grinding tips" section. For optimum
grinding results, do not pulse the top
5. After grinding, remove the top cover
and solid spice grinder lid. Then place
the shaker lid and dispense your freshly
ground spices.


Table of Contents

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