Sanyo DWM-2500 Instruction Manual
Sanyo DWM-2500 Instruction Manual

Sanyo DWM-2500 Instruction Manual

Sanyo instruction manual dvd home theater system dwm-2500
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DVD Home Theater System
Call the toll-free number below if you have any difficulties operating this product.
1-800-813-3435 (Weekdays: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM Central Time)
1AD6P1P1839-- DWM-2500, Issue Number 1


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Sanyo DWM-2500

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL DVD Home Theater System SANYO'S HELP-LINE Call the toll-free number below if you have any difficulties operating this product. 1-800-813-3435 (Weekdays: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM Central Time) 1AD6P1P1839-- DWM-2500, Issue Number 1 DWM-2500 English...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Keep the manual in a safe place for future reference. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: To connect this DVD Home Theater System to a TV, TV must have a Video input jack (RCA-type) at least. You cannot connect it to an antenna terminal of TV.
  • Page 3: Accessories

  • Page 4: Safety Certification

    (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. CAUTION: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Sanyo may void the user's authority to operate this equipment. FOR SAFE AND EFFICIENT OPERATION •...
  • Page 5: Controls

    1. Disc tray 2. Open/Close button (q) 3. Function button (FUNCTION) 4. Preset tuning, Skip/Next/Previous buttons (f - PRESET + e) 5. FL display FL display L.M. MP3 PGM ALL REP.1A-B 15 14 1. Dolby Digital indicator (s D) 2. *DTS indicator (DTS) 3.
  • Page 6: Multi-Brand Tv Remote Control

    MULTI-BRAND TV REMOTE CONTROL 1. Power button (z/ON) 2. Number and other function buttons These buttons are used as number buttons and as function buttons of each name. • When using as a number button, press the appropriate button directly. •...
  • Page 7 EMERSON FISHER GOLD STAR HITACHI MAGNAVOX MATSUSHITA MITSUBISHI PANASONIC QUASAR SAMSUNG SANYO SHARP SONY TECHNOL ACE TOSHIBA ZENITH Notes: • Only remote-controlled TVs can be operated using this remote control. (Refer to your TV instruction manual for more details.) •...
  • Page 8: Basic Connections

    BASIC CONNECTIONS Note: Do not connect the power cord to a 120V AC 60Hz outlet until all connections have been made. Speaker Connections To achieve proper stereo reproduction, connect the speaker wires without shorting to adjacent wires as shown below. Front right speaker Twist and pull it off.
  • Page 9: Speaker Placement

    Speaker Placement Front right speaker Center speaker Front left speaker Subwoofer Place it near the Front speaker. Surround left speaker The supplied speakers have built-in magnetic stray field compensation. They may be placed close to a TV without affecting the color purity. The five speakers are all the same and can be used for Front left and right, Center, Surround left and right speakers.
  • Page 10: Tv Connections

    TV Connections Using MONITOR OUT VIDEO jack Connect the Video cable with yellow connectors (supplied) between the MONITOR OUT VIDEO jack of the unit and the VIDEO INPUT jack on the TV. Partial back panel To MONITOR OUT VIDEO jack (Yellow) Notes: •...
  • Page 11 Using RF Modulator If your TV does not have a Video input jack and has an antenna terminal only, please purchase the *RF Modulator (not supplied). (*Please consult your audio/video dealer.) Example: Unit, TV and RF Modulator connections Partial back panel To MONITOR OUT VIDEO jack (Yellow) 1.
  • Page 12: Antenna Connections

    AM loop antenna Headphones jack (PHONES) Connect a pair of stereo headphones with miniplug (8 ohms - 32 ohms, not available from SANYO) to the PHONES jack for monitoring or for private listening. The speakers are automatically disconnected when headphones are connected.
  • Page 13: Before Operation

    Common Operation (Open/Close) Turning the power on and off Press [z/ON] to turn the power on. • “HELLO” appears briefly on the FL display. (After connecting the power cord, when you press [z/ON] for the first time, the volume-reset feature automatically sets the initial volume level.) When the power cord is connected to the AC outlet, the unit will respond to commands from the remote control.
  • Page 14: Selecting Surround Mode

    Selecting Surround Mode Press [SURROUND] to select the surround mode. Each time the button is pressed, the surround mode changes as follows: AUTO v QS 5.1 ST v QS 5.1 MN v 2.1ch v AUTO… Function FL display Description DVD/CD AUTO The unit selects the surround mode automatically depending on the disc.
  • Page 15: Adjusting The Speaker Volume Balance

    Adjusting the Speaker Volume Balance This unit is set to the standard level before shipping from the factory. You may not need any adjustment. But, depending on the size of the room and the placement of the speakers, you may benefit from a fine adjustment. In this case, follow the steps below.
  • Page 16: Playable Discs

    The following types of discs can be played on this unit. Disc type and logo mark DVD-Video Audio CD Region Number Region number (Regional restriction code) is built-in to the unit and DVD video discs. Region number “1” or “ALL” of DVD video discs can be used on this unit.
  • Page 17: Disc Playback

    • “OPEN” appears on the FL display and the disc tray opens. • “SANYO” logo appears on the TV screen. Note: 16:9 To open close the disc tray, be sure to use [q] (or [OPEN/ CLOSE]. Do not press the disc tray with your hand.
  • Page 18: Stopping Playback

    4. Press [a] to start playback. Example (FL display): Chapter Number Elapsed playing time Notes: • In some discs, even if 4:3 PS is selected, the black bands may remain on the screen. • If the disc is loaded with the label side downward (and it is a single sided disc), or if a badly scratched disc is loaded, “NO DISC”...
  • Page 19: Selecting A Dvd Menu

    Selecting a DVD Menu Notes: • The operation may differ depending on the disc used. • Selecting a menu may not be possible on some discs. 1. Press [MENU]. The main menu screen will appear. Note: Press [MENU] again to resume playback. 2.
  • Page 20: Title Search [Dvd]

    Title Search [DVD] 1. Press [SEARCH MODE] once while holding [SHIFT] down during playback or in the stop mode. The title search screen appears on the TV screen. Example: Title Search -- /28 2. Press the number button(s) to enter the title number. Example: To select Title No.3, press [3].
  • Page 21: Fast Playback

    Fast Playback Fast forward playback Press [c] repeatedly to select the fast speed forward playback. [DVD] c 1 v c 2 v c 3 v c 4 (4 steps) [CD] c 1 v c 2 (2 steps) Press [a] to return to normal playback. Fast reverse playback Press [d] repeatedly to select the fast speed reverse playback.
  • Page 22: Picture Zoom (Pin Point Zoom) [Dvd]

    Picture Zoom (Pin Point Zoom) [DVD] 1. Press [ZOOM] while holding [SHIFT] down during normal/ slow playback or still picture. The pin point guide appears on the TV screen. The guide divides the screen into nine, and the number shows the point. Note: If you quit the screen, press [ZOOM] while holding [SHIFT] down.
  • Page 23: Repeat Playback

    Repeat Playback Press [REPEAT] during playback (or programmed or random playback) of the title (or track) you want to repeat. Each time the button is pressed, the repeat mode will be changed as follows. [DVD] TV screen FL display Operation Chapter REP.1 Repeat of chapter being played...
  • Page 24: Random Playback [Cd]

    Random Playback [CD] 1. Press [PROGRAM/RANDOM] once in the stop mode. • “Random” appears on the TV screen. • “RND” blinks on the FL display. 2. Press [a] to begin random playback. • “RND” remains lit on the FL display. The unit will automatically select tracks at random.
  • Page 25: Selecting Subtitle Language [Dvd]

    Selecting Subtitle Language [DVD] This operation works only with discs on which multiple subtitle languages are recorded. 1. Press [S.T.ON/OFF] during playback. The subtitle language mark appears. (Example: If “ Off” appears, press the button again. 2. Press [S.T.CH] repeatedly until the desired subtitle language appears on the TV screen.
  • Page 26: Selecting On-Screen Information

    Selecting On-Screen Information Press [ON SCREEN] repeatedly to show the disc information (Title, Chapter, Title elapsed playing time, Language, etc.). Example for DVD: 1. Press [ON SCREEN] during playback. Chapter remaining playing time Title elapsed playing time 00:08:20 00:01:45 2. Press [ON SCREEN] again. Chapter remaining playing time Title elapsed playing time Chapter number...
  • Page 27: Before Setting

    TVGuardian Before Setting • Initial setting is “CC2” on this unit. • Please set “CC2” or “C2” (Closed caption on channel 2) on your TV first. For more details, please refer to your TV instruction manual. • When “TVG Mode” is set, the subtitle language may not appear.
  • Page 28: How It Works After Setting Tvguardian

    How It Works After Setting TVGuardian When a disc supporting closed caption is played, it mutes the entire phrase instead of just the swear word and displays the modified text, by design. It turns the sound back on when the phrase is completed.
  • Page 29: Mp3/Wma Cd Operation

    MP3/WMA CD OPERATION Before Starting This unit can play back the CD that has recorded music data, MP3 or WMA (Windows Media Audio) files. • The file system is ISO9660 Level 1 and Level 2. • If the CD has both audio CD tracks and MP3/WMA files, only audio CD tracks are played.
  • Page 30: Stopping Playback

    4. Press [o], [a], [p] or [b] to move the highlighted box to the desired file. • To go on to the next or previous directory, press [o], [a], [p] or [b]. • To go back to the previous directory, press [RETURN]. •...
  • Page 31: Picture Disc Operation

    PICTURE DISC OPERATION KODAK Picture CD Playback With KODAK Picture CD, it’s easy to turn film into pictures you can email from your PC and view on this unit! Just bring your film in for processing, and check the box for KODAK Picture CD.
  • Page 32: Jpeg Cd Playback

    JPEG CD Playback You can also view digital images from JPEG files on disc created by your computer. • It would take 30 seconds or more for this unit to read the JPEG files depending on its structure. • Some JPEG files cannot be played back depending on the recording conditions.
  • Page 33: Initial Settings

    Once the initial settings have been completed, the unit can always be operated under the same conditions. The settings will be retained in the memory until they are changed, even if the power is turned off. Notes: • In this instruction manual, the language in on-screen display is English.
  • Page 34: Setting Audio

    Setting Audio The sound from speakers can reach the listening position at different times depending the speaker placements. You can allow for this difference by changing the delay time of the center and surround speakers. You also can change the Dynamic Range Control (DRC). 1.
  • Page 35: Setting Parental

    Setting Parental Note: If you set “TVG Mode”, “TVG CC” or “TVG CC Ch”, set them first before steps 6 and 7. See “Setting TVGuardian®” on page E26. 1. Press [SETUP] in the stop mode. The setup screen appears. 2. Press [a] to select “Parental”. 3.
  • Page 36: Language Code List

    Language Code List Enter the appropriate code number for the initial settings “Audio”, “Subtitle” and “DVD Menu” on page E32. Code Abbreviation Language of the language 6565 Afar 6566 Abkhazian 6570 Afrikaans 6577 Amharic 6582 Arabic 6583 Assamese 6589 Aymara 6590 Azerbaijani 6665...
  • Page 37: Enjoying Video Sources

    ENJOYING VIDEO SOURCES 1. Press [FUNCTION] to select “VIDEO 1” or “VIDEO 2”. LISTENING TO THE RADIO To turn the unit on and listen to the last received station, press [TUNE/BAND] on the remote control. Automatic/Manual Tuning 1. Press [TUNE/BAND] to select FM or AM. 2.
  • Page 38: Listening To Preset Stations

    Manual presetting 1. Tune in the station to be preset as described in “Automatic/ Manual Tuning”. 2. Press [PROGRAM/RANDOM]. “PGM” blinks. 3. While “PGM” is blinking, press [PRESET +] or [- PRESET] to select the channel to be preset. • The number buttons on the remote control can also be used.
  • Page 39: Sleep Timer Operation

    SLEEP TIMER OPERATION The sleep timer automatically switches off the power after a preset time has elapsed. The volume will gradually be reduced (fade-out) during the 1 minute period before the unit turns off. There are 4 time periods available: 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes. Press [SLEEP] repeatedly while holding [SHIFT] down to select the desired sleep time.
  • Page 40: Troubleshooting Guide

    Should this product require service, refer to the SANYO AUDIO/VIDEO limited warranty. If you do not have a convenient SANYO service station nearby, contact the SANYO dealer where you purchased the unit. Be sure to give the model number and explain the problem. The dealer will advise you how to obtain service.
  • Page 41: Specifications

    More than 105 dB Wow and flutter: Below measurable level IMPORTANT INFORMATION Because its products are subject to continuous improvement, Sanyo reserves the right to modify product designs and specifications without notice and without incurring any obligation. SPECIFICATIONS Tuner Section...
  • Page 42: Warranty

    Acts of God, or normal wear and tear. The foregoing is in lieu of all other express warranties and SANYO does not assume or authorize any party to assume for it any other obligation or liability.

Table of Contents