Sanyo DC-TS750 Instruction Manual

Sanyo DC-TS750 Instruction Manual

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DVD Home Theatre System



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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS PRECAUTIONS .................. 1 VARIOUS DISC PLAYING FUNCTIONS ........14 CONTROLS ..................2 MP3 CD OPERATION ..............17 REMOTE CONTROL ................3 INITIAL SETTINGS ................ 18 BASIC CONNECTIONS ..............4 LANGUAGE CODE LIST ............... 20 ADDITIONAL CONNECTIONS EXAMPLES ........7 LISTENING TO OTHER SOURCES ..........
  • Page 3: Controls

    CONTROLS Front panel 1. Disc tray 6. Volume control (VOLUME) 2. Remote sensor (IR) 7. Function button (FUNCTION) 3. Display 8. Play button (a) 4. Power button/Standby indicator (z/ON, STANDBY) 9. Stop button (n) 5. Headphones socket (PHONES) 10. Open/Close button (q) Display DOLBY PL DTS PROG.
  • Page 4: Remote Control

    Set/Clear button (SET/CLEAR) Clock button (CLOCK) 3. TV control buttons Note: Only SANYO TVs can be operated using this remote control. There may be some older TV models that cannot be operated with this remote control. If this is the case, use the original...
  • Page 5: Basic Connections

    BASIC CONNECTIONS After all connections have been made, connect the mains lead to an AC outlet . Note: Do not connect the mains lead to an AC outlet until all connections have been made. The system is not completely disconnected from the mains when the z/ON button is set to the z position. Speaker connections To achieve proper stereo reproduction, connect the speaker wires without shorting to adjacent wires as shown in figure.
  • Page 6 Speaker placement Front right speaker The supplied speakers have built-in magnetic stray Centre speaker Surround right speaker field compensation. They may be placed close to a TV without affecting the colour purity. Front left speaker The five speakers are all the same and can be used for front left, centre, front right, surround left and surround right speakers.
  • Page 7 Aerial connections AM loop aerial Assemble the loop aerial. FM external aerial AM loop aerial Unwind the aerial wires, then connect them to the AM LOOP terminals. Place the loop aerial in a position which yields the best AM reception, or JCX-TS750 attach it to a wall or other surface.
  • Page 8: Additional Connections Examples

    ADDITIONAL CONNECTIONS EXAMPLES Connecting to a TV with an S-video lead JCX-TS750 Please follow these steps before turning on the power. 1. If your TV has an S-video input socket, connect the unit as shown in figure. (The MONITOR OUT VIDEO socket connection is not VIDEO OUT SELECT SPEAKERS FRONT/CENTER/SURROUND: 8...
  • Page 9: System Connections Examples

    SYSTEM CONNECTIONS EXAMPLES JCX-TS750, TV and Audio equipment Aerial EURO-AV/SCART AERIAL (RGB input facility) Aerial lead (not supplied) EURO-AV/SCART lead (not supplied) Audio equipment JCX-TS750 (such as MD deck etc.) VIDEO OUT SELECT SPEAKERS AUDIO OUT FRONT/CENTER/SURROUND: 8 S-VIDEO SUBWOOFER: 4 AV EURO / TV(AUDIO)IN LOOP (RGB OUT)
  • Page 10 JCX-TS750, TV, VCR and Audio equipment Aerial EURO-AV/SCART AERIAL (Audio monitor out) Aerial lead (not supplied) EURO-AV/SCART leads (not supplied) JCX-TS750 Audio equipment (such as MD deck etc.) VIDEO OUT SELECT SPEAKERS AUDIO OUT FRONT/CENTER/SURROUND: 8 S-VIDEO AUDIO OUT SUBWOOFER: 4 AV EURO / TV(AUDIO)IN LOOP (RGB OUT)
  • Page 11: Before Operation

    This instruction manual explains the various functions of this unit using the remote control. The buttons on the main unit perform similar functions to similarly marked buttons on the remote control. BEFORE OPERATION Turning the power on and off Adjusting the volume Press the z/ON button.
  • Page 12: Various Adjusting

    VARIOUS ADJUSTING Selecting surround mode Adjusting the speaker volume balance Press the SURROUND button to select the surround mode. Each time the This unit is set to the standard level before shipping from the factory. You button is pressed, the surround mode changes as follows: may not need adjustment.
  • Page 13: Playable Discs

    PLAYABLE DISCS The following types of discs can be played on this unit. Recorded Disc type and logo mark Disc size Maximum playing time content Approx. 4 hours (Single sided disc) 12 cm Audio Approx. 8 hours (Double sided disc) DVD Video Video Approx.
  • Page 14: Disc Play

    1. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button. “OPEN” appears on the display and Last Memory Play? the disc tray opens. “SANYO” logo appears on the TV screen. When using the main unit, use the q button. 2. Place the disc with the label facing up on the disc tray.
  • Page 15: Various Disc Playing Functions

    VARIOUS DISC PLAYING FUNCTIONS “ ” may appear on the TV screen during operation. This icon means that the function is not available on the disc now. Selecting a DVD menu [DVD] Time search 1. Press the MENU button. The main menu screen appears. [DVD] Note: 1.
  • Page 16 Picture zoom [DVD] Designated range repeat play (A-B Repeat) 1. Press the SHIFT + 3 ZOOM buttons during normal, slow or still play. The central part of the picture is magnified. 1. Press the A-B REP button during play at the beginning of the section Each time the button is pressed, the zoom mode changes as you want to repeat (Point A).
  • Page 17 Selecting subtitle language [DVD] 2. Press the ON SCREEN button. This operation works only with discs on which multiple subtitle languages Chapter remaining playing time are recorded. Title elapsed playing time 1. Press the S.T.ON/OFF button during play. “ ” appears on the Chapter number screen.
  • Page 18: Mp3 Cd Operation

    MP3 CD OPERATION This unit can play back the CD-R/RW that have recorded music data or 3. Press the a button to start play. MP3 files. Before playing back MP3 CD, please read the following. Current file number, total file number and current file elapsed playing time are displayed on the screen.
  • Page 19: Initial Settings

    INITIAL SETTINGS Once the initial settings have been completed, the unit can always be Setting display operated under the same conditions. 1. Press the SETUP button in the stop mode. The setup screen appears. The settings will be retained in the memory until they are changed, even 2.
  • Page 20 Setting audio Setting parental The sound from speakers can reach the listening position at different times 1. Press the SETUP button in the stop mode. The setup screen appears. depending on the speaker placements. You can allow for this difference 2.
  • Page 21: Language Code List

    LANGUAGE CODE LIST Enter the appropriate code number for the initial settings “Audio”, “Subtitle” and “DVD Menu”. Abbreviation of Abbreviation of Abbreviation of Code Language Code Language Code Language the language the language the language 6565 Afar 7369 Interlingue 8278 Kirundi 6566 Abkhazian...
  • Page 22: Listening To Other Sources

    LISTENING TO OTHER SOURCES Listening to the TV connected to the AV EURO/TV (AUDIO) IN (RGB Listening to the video equipment connected to the VIDEO (AUDIO) IN OUT) socket sockets 1. Press the FUNCTION button to select “TV”. 1. Press the FUNCTION button to select “VIDEO”. 2.
  • Page 23: Timer Operation

    To search a preset station by PTY codes 3. Press the PTY CHK (e) button within 4 seconds. A particular programme type broadcast can be located by specifying the The unit searches 24 preset stations and stops when it finds a PTY codes.
  • Page 24: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Cleaning the unit Clean the outside of the unit with a clean soft cloth moistened with lukewarm water. Do not use benzene, thinner or alcohol since they will mar the finish of the surfaces. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE If you have followed the instructions and are having difficulty operation the unit, locate the SYMPTOM in the left column below. Check the corresponding POSSIBLE CAUSE and CORRECTIVE ACTION columns to locate and remedy the problem.
  • Page 25: Specifications

    1 mW (DVD) 0.5 mW (CD) IMPORTANT INFORMATION Signal to noise ratio: Because its products are subject to continuous improvement, SANYO More than 105 dB reserves the right to modify product designs and specifications without Harmonic distortion notice and without incurring any obligation.
  • Page 28 Sanyo dealer. He will be pleased to give you a quotation for 4. Failure due to fair wear and tear of any item, such as batteries, the repair.