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Portable evaporative air cooler ideal for indoor & outdoor use power rating: 220 watts voltage rating: 220 volt ac, 50hz
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The recommended maximum relative humidity level is 60%
orless, which allows a noticeable temperature decrease.
Thetemperature decrease will be greater in drier climates
becausehigher evaporation occurs when the humidity is low.
The evaporative air cooler should not be used in
enclosedspaces. It must be kept level and there must be water
in thewater tank. The room should have doors and windows
openedto allow free air flow. The evaporative air cooler works
bestwhen placed near an open window, so that outside air is
drawninto the evaporative air cooler, the air circulates in the
room,then exits via the door. The maximum cooling effect is
feltwhen a person is in the flow of air coming out of the
evaporativeair cooler.
The evaporative air cooler can also be used to humidify dry
airduring cool weather. To be used for humidification
thewindows and doors should be closed to allow the
humidifiedair to accumulate. The evaporative air cooler is not
an airconditioner as it does not use a compressor or refrigerant
gas.It should not be expected to cool as efficiently as a
refrigeratedair conditioner.
When the product is used for the first time the Honeycomb
cooling media will have an odour which will dissipate in a week
or so of initial use.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents