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Portable evaporative air cooler ideal for indoor & outdoor use power rating: 220 watts voltage rating: 220 volt ac, 50hz
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The appliance is supplied with Honeycomb cooling media.
The cleaning frequency for the Honeycomb media depends on local air and waterconditions.
In areas where the mineral content of water is high, mineral depositsmay build up on the
honeycomb cooling media and restrict air flow. Draining thewater reservoir and refilling with
fresh water at least once a week will help reduce mineral deposits. If mineral deposits remain
on the Honeycomb media, the media should be removed and washed under fresh water. The
media should be cleaned every two months or sooner, depending on your needs.
Do not run the unit in COOL mode with stale water in the tank. It is recommendedto empty the
tank and refill it with fresh water if the water has been standing in the tank for an extended
period of time.
For best results, allow the honeycomb cooling media to dry after each use by turning off the
cool function 15 minutes before turning the unit off.
To change the Honeycomb, remove the hand screws which hold the side panel(Refer Fig.1).
Remove the Honeycomb holder and replace the Honeycomb.Refix theHoneycomb holder and
screw back the panel to the unit.
Hand Screw
This unit is supplied with three (3) Honeycomb Cooling Media's located on the back &
two sides. The removal procedure for all the media's is same as explained above.
Honeycomb Holder
Hand Screw
Side Panel

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents