Fill Water - Honeywell CO60PM Owner's Manual

Portable evaporative air cooler ideal for indoor & outdoor use power rating: 220 watts voltage rating: 220 volt ac, 50hz
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NOTE : Continuous water supply connection is optional, and may
not be provided with all models.
Connect the garden hose Connector and turn on the water.
Verify water tight connections by visually examining boththe
float/hose connections.
Water can be filled into the air cooler by:
Continuous water supply
With the help of garden hose connected to the hose connector on
the unit, water will refill inside the tank on turning on the water tap.
As soon as the water inside the tank reaches the maximum level, the float valve inside the water tank
will stop the in-flow of in the water tank.
Due to the float valve and continuous supply of water. The water tank in this model will never be empty
and will refill on its own as soon as the float wall goes below the desired level of maximum water inside
the tank.
Manual operation
Open the Water fill door located at the top of the unit (when facing front) & fill water up to the
maximum tank level. Water level display is located on the front of the unit. Refill the water tank
when water level is low. Do not fill water above the Max water level mark. Check water level in the
tank before running the ''COOL'' function. Please be sure water in the tank is always
above minimum water level mark. Running the unit with inadequate water may cause pump
failure. If ice is available you may add ice in the top compartment to enhance the cooling
Hose Connector

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents