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Link To Cell; Link To Cell Feature; Pairing A Cellular Phone - Panasonic KX-TGD590C Operating Instructions Manual

Digital cordless phone with answering machine and link2cell feature.
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Link to Cell

Link to cell feature

You can connect your base unit and cellular
phone using Bluetooth wireless technology, so
that you can make or answer cellular calls
using your phone system. This allows you to:
– use the unit to talk on cellular calls even if
some areas of your home have poor
cellular reception, simply by placing your
cellular phone in an area with good
– talk on cellular calls even if your cellular
phone is in your pocket or bag.
– enjoy cordless cellular calls even if your
cellular phone plugged in and charging.
R Your cellular phone must support the
Hands Free Profile (HFP) specification.
R You may pair 2 cellular phones and 1
Bluetooth headset.
R The unit can be used to talk on 2 lines at
the same time (for example, 2 cellular lines,
or the landline and 1 cellular line).
R Only 2 Bluetooth devices can be used with
the unit at the same time (for example, 2
cellular lines, or the Bluetooth headset and
1 cellular line
R Locate your cellular phone near the base
unit. If the cellular phone is too close to the
base unit during a cellular call, you may
hear noise. For best performance, we
recommend placing the cellular phone
between 0.6 m to 3 m (2 feet to 10 feet)
away from the base unit.
You cannot use a Bluetooth headset to
talk on a cellular line.

Pairing a cellular phone

R For more details and the list of compatible
cellular phones, please visit our Web site:
R Before pairing a Bluetooth enabled cellular
phone to the base unit, make sure that no
other Bluetooth device such as a Bluetooth
headset is connected to your cellular phone.
For assistance, visit
KX-TG273CSK_(en-en)_0525_ver110.pdf 16
Base unit:
Press and hold MCELL 1N or MCELL 2N
for about 5 seconds.
R After the corresponding CELL
indicator on the base unit starts
flashing, the rest of the procedure
must be completed within 5 minutes.
Your cellular phone:
While the corresponding CELL
indicator is flashing, follow the
instructions of your cellular phone to
enter the pairing mode.
R Depending on your cellular phone, it
may ask you to enter the Bluetooth
PIN (default: "0000").
R If your cellular phone prompts you
to confirm the passkey, tap MOKN or
otherwise to accept the pairing
Base unit:
Wait until a long beep sounds.
R It may take more than 10 seconds
to complete pairing.
R When the corresponding CELL
indicator lights up, the cellular
phone is connected to the base unit.
You are ready to make cellular calls.
R If the cellular phone has already paired
to the base unit, it is overwritten.
R Make sure that your cellular phone is set
to connect to this product automatically.
Refer to your cellular phone's operating
R Make sure you cancel your cellular
phone's current pairing if you want to
pair it to the other line (page 16).
R The default setting for the alert feature is
"On", so when you pair your cellular
phone to the base unit, this feature may
be activated (page 47). (This depends
on the version and type of cellular phone
you are using.)
Unpairing a cellular phone
You can cancel the pairing of a cellular phone
that is stored in the base unit.
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