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Assembly; Operation - Husqvarna 320iB Mark II Operator's Manual

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Do not put objects into the cooling slots of the
battery charger.
Do not connect the battery charger terminals to
metal objects as this can short circuit the battery
Use approved mains sockets that are not damaged.
Make sure that the cord of the battery charger is not
damaged. If extension cables are used, make sure
that the extension cables are not damaged.
Safety instructions for maintenance
WARNING: Read the warning instructions
that follow before you do maintenance on
the product.
Remove the battery before you do maintenance,
other checks or assemble the product.
To assemble the tube on the product
1. Put the blower nozzle over the tubular end of the
2. Push the blower nozzle in fully and turn the blower
nozzle to lock it to the product.
WARNING: Read and understand the safety
chapter before you use the product.
The operator must only do the maintenance and
servicing shown in this operator's manual. Turn to
your servicing dealer for maintenance and servicing
of a larger extension.
Do not clean the battery or the battery charger with
water. Strong detergent can cause damage to the
If you do not do maintenance, it decreases the life
cycle of the product and increases the risk of
Special training is necessary for all servicing and
repair work, especially for the safety devices on the
product. If not all checks in this operator's manual
are approved after you have done maintenance, turn
to your servicing dealer. We guarantee that there are
professional repairs and servicing available for your
Only use original spare parts.


To adjust the harness
1. Put the hip pad straps through the fastenings in the
harness for the backpack battery.
2. Adjust the harness to optimize the work position.


To do a function check before you
use the product
1. Do a check of the air inlet for dirt and cracks. Use a
brush and clean off grass and leaves from the
2. Make sure that the product works correctly.
3. Do a check of all nuts and screws and make sure
that they are tight.
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