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GE PACSystems RX3i CPE400 Quick Start Manual

1.2ghz 64mb rackless cpu w/field agent


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PACSystems* IC695CPE400
RX3i 1.2GHz 64MB
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October 2017



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Summary of Contents for GE PACSystems RX3i CPE400

  • Page 1 Automation & Controls Programmable Control Products PACSystems* IC695CPE400 RX3i 1.2GHz 64MB Rackless CPU w/Field Agent Quick Start Guide GFK-3002A October 2017...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents User Features ......................... 1 Switches ......................4 Displays and Indicators (LEDs) ................. 4 Front-Panel Ethernet Ports ................7 Serial COM Port ....................8 Video Display Port .................... 8 Field Agent Port ....................8 Energy Pack Connector ..................9 Input Power Connector ..................9 Removable Data Storage Device (RDSD) ............
  • Page 5: User Features

    User Features Figure 1: CPE400 Features at a Glance The PACSystems* RX3i CPE400, part of GE’s Industrial Internet Control System, is the industry’s first outcome optimizing controller. It augments real-time deterministic control with Field Agent technology, delivering near real time advice through market analysis, fleet and enterprise data, or asset/process knowledge to optimize the outcomes that today’s businesses require.
  • Page 6 • The stand-alone CPE400 uses a 1.2GHz quad-core microprocessor and real-time hypervisor technology to run real time deterministic control applications concurrently with Field Agent technology without any adverse impact of one over the other. • A built-in RX3i PLC: User may program in Ladder Diagram, Structured Text, Function Block Diagram, or C.
  • Page 7 Run Disabled, Stop Faulted, and Stop Halted. The Sweep Time variable reports the sweep time in seconds. These variables are located under GE Device Information -> PACSystems RX3i -> Controller. • An OLED display that provides access to basic CPE400 status and control information including each LAN’s configured IP Address.
  • Page 8: Switches

    Switches All user-accessible switches are provided as pushbuttons on the front panel (Figure 1) as described below. Pushbutton Function DISP Permits user to navigate menus in the OLED display. Permits user to select the menu item on the OLED display. Activates OLED Menu to select RUN/Enabled or RUN/Disabled Mode for the embedded PLC.
  • Page 9 Status Indicators (LEDs) LED State Operating State On Green PLC is in RUN mode. MODE PLC is in STOP mode. Blinking in CPU is updating an internal programmable hardware unison device. On Green TPM Physical Presence (not functional). PRES On Green Activity detected on Solid State Disk.
  • Page 10 LED State Operating State RBOK On Green Remote Redundant CPU is Ready. Remote Redundant CPU is not Ready. FAOK On Green Field Agent Running and Connected to Cloud. Blinking Blink at 0.5 Hz: Field Agent Starting. Green Blink at 1 Hz: Field Agent Running. Field Agent Off.
  • Page 11: Front-Panel Ethernet Ports

    RJ45 connector provide indications per the table above. LAN1 or LAN2 may be used to communicate with the PME programming software using the Service Request Transport Protocol (SRTP, a proprietary GE protocol, used primarily for communication with the programmer).
  • Page 12: Serial Com Port

    Serial COM Port The RJ45 port marked COM is located on the underside of the CPE400, as shown in Figure 2. This port is not currently supported. Video Display Port The Display Port is located on the underside of the CPE400, as shown in Figure 2.
  • Page 13: Energy Pack Connector

    Energy Pack Connector The CPE400 compatible Energy Pack, IC695ACC403, is supplied with a purpose-built cable, IC695CBL003, which installs in the 24Vdc In and Energy Pack Control & Status connectors shown in Figure 2. Use of the Energy Pack is optional. When used, it allows the CPE400 to save its current state upon loss of power.
  • Page 14: Hardware Installation

    As the consignee, it is your responsibility to register a claim with the carrier for damage incurred during shipment. GE will fully cooperate with you, however, should such action be necessary.
  • Page 15 adjacent device above Air flow max. 70°C 25mm 50mm 50mm Figure 4: Mounting on DIN Rail Air flow adjacent device below Figure 3: Thermal Requirements Figure 5: Dismounting from DIN Rail IC695CPE400 Rackless CPU w/Field Agent Quick Start Guide GFK-3002A...
  • Page 16: Installation In Hazardous Areas

    If using the panel-mount adaptor, two options are available: mount using two screws (Figure 6) or, for more secure mounting, mount using four screws (Figure 7). Figure 6: 2-screw panel mount Figure 7: 4-screw panel mount Installation in Hazardous Areas Refer to the Installation and Maintenance Requirements document, GFK-3004.
  • Page 17: Connect To Power Supply

    Connect to Power Supply The 24Vdc power input connector is located on the underside of the CPE400, as shown in Figure 8. The signal pinouts are also indicated. The mating connector for the CPE400 24Vdc power input is the 3-pin Phoenix 1827716 shown in Figure 9.
  • Page 18: Grounding

    • CAUTION – EQUIPMENT REPAIR REQUIRED – Internal components must be repaired at the factory; they are not field replaceable. Contact the GE support team at
  • Page 19: Module Start-Up

    Module Start-up You Will Need: • This PACSystems Rackless RX3i CPU. • A compatible SELV 24Vdc, 48W power supply (72W if Energy Pack attached). • (Optionally) A compatible Energy Pack, IC695ACC403, and corresponding cable. • If no Energy Pack is to be attached, use the power supply cable described in Section 2.4.
  • Page 20: Basic Start-Up Steps

    Basic Start-up Steps: For startup and configuration of the CPE400, complete the following steps. For full details on CPE400 operation, refer to the PACSystems RX3i and RX7i CPU Reference Manual, GFK-2222Y or later. 1. Mount the CPE400, as described in Section 2.2 and per the Installation and Maintenance Requirements document, GFK-3004.
  • Page 21: Configuration

    Configuration To configure, the CPE400, connect the computer running the PME programming software to any of the front-panel Ethernet ports. PME 9.00 SIM 8 or later is required The CPE400 is the first controller available in the PACSystems RX3i Rackless family. Configuration will either start out using the RX3i Rackless CPE400 template when creating a new project, or will convert an existing project to the CPE400 using the Family Conversion feature in PME.
  • Page 22: Field Agent Configuration

    Field Agent Configuration 4.3.1. Start the Embedded Field Agent (EFA) After providing the CPE400 with power, the Embedded Field Agent (EFA) application will begin to boot. The FAOK LED will start blinking to indicate when the EFA has booted and is ready for user logins. (This may take about two minutes.) 4.3.2.
  • Page 23 Login using the default credentials. • Default User Name: predix • Default Password: predix2machine A prompt to change the default password displays. Complete the form to change the default password. The password complexity requirements display if the chosen password is not sufficiently complex.
  • Page 24: 4.3.3. Configure The Network

    Verify that the Log Service page displays, which indicates a successful login. Note: After some idle time, the Web Console will time out. If this occurs, the user will need to return to the main page to log back into the console. Session timeout does not automatically redirect the console back to the login page.
  • Page 25 Set the WAN interface settings appropriately for the Field Agent’s network. DHCP can be used for networks where a DHCP server is available, and a static IP address for networks where each device is manually assigned an address. Click the Save button to accept the changes. Note: The DNS servers can also be configured to be obtained automatically or specified statically.
  • Page 26 “Enable HTTP/HTTPS Proxy” check box, enter the proxy server’s address and port in the form “proxy:port” into the Proxy Settings text box, and press the Save button. To verify the Field Agent can successfully use the newly configured network proxy to reach the Internet, use the Test Connection feature of the Field Agent Updater page in the Web Console under Technician Console, Field Agent Updater.
  • Page 27 Using NTP Time Synchronization By default, time synchronization is configured to use the NTP Server. If a valid network path to the Internet exists, time will be synchronized when the Field Agent boots and continuously while running. The current date and time on the Field Agent is displayed above the Save button on the Time Sync Configuration page when the page loads, and can be updated by pressing the Save button or reloading the page.
  • Page 28: Redundancy Configuration

    If the new HTTPS URL was successfully configured after pressing the Save button, a success statement will be displayed and the updated time will be displayed. If the time and date was more than 20 minutes out of date prior to time synchronization occurring after pressing the Save button, the Web Console session may end and an error message may be presented indicating that the session’s timeout had been reached.
  • Page 29: Additional Information

    Additional Information Proficy Logic Developer-PLC Getting Started GFK-1918 PACSystems RX7i, RX3i and RSTi-EP CPU Reference Manual GFK-2222 PACSystems RX7i, RX3i and RSTi-EP TCP/IP Ethernet Communications User’s GFK-2224 Manual PACSystems TCP/IP Ethernet Communications Station Manager Manual GFK-2225 PACSystems Hot Standby CPU Redundancy User Manual GFK-2308 PACSystems RX3i System Manual GFK-2314...
  • Page 30 License (GPL), then this offer is valid for those who possess the object code for either i) for the aforementioned three (3) years, or ii) until the date on which we cease offering both spare parts and customer support for this particular version of this product, whichever occurs last. IC695CPE400-Open-Source-Software-information GFK-3002A...
  • Page 31 Contact Information Americas: 1-800-433-2682 or 1-434-978-5100 Global regional phone numbers are available on our web site Copyright © 2016-2017 General Electric Company. All Rights Reserved. * Trademark of General Electric Company and/or its subsidiaries. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders GFK-3002A...