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Important Safety Notes - Bosch SE-TRM-433T01 Installation Manual

Security escort personnel transmitter
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Security Escort Personnel Transmitter

Important safety notes

10. Lightning – For added protection during a lightning storm, or when this unit is left
11. Restricted Access Locations are required for the installation.
Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd
Read, Follow, and Retain Instructions – All safety and operating instructions must be
read and followed properly before putting the unit into operation. Retain instructions for
future reference.
Consider all Warnings – Adhere to all warnings on the unit and in the operating
Accessories – Use only accessories recommended by the manufacturer or those sold
with the product. Accessories not recommended by the manufacturer shall not be used,
as they may cause hazards.
Installation Precautions – Do not place this unit on an unstable stand, tripod, bracket, or
mount. The unit may fall, causing serious injury to persons and damage to the unit. Mount
the unit according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Service – Do not attempt to service this unit by yourself. Opening or removing covers may
expose you to dangerous voltages or other hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified service
Damage Requiring Service – Disconnect the unit from the main AC or DC power source
and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions:
When the power supply cord or plug is damaged.
If liquid has been spilled or an object has fallen into the unit.
If the unit has been exposed to water and/or inclement weather (rain, snow, etc.).
If the unit does not operate normally, when following the operating instructions.
Adjust only those controls specified in the operating instructions. Improper
adjustment of other controls may result in damage, and require extensive work by a
qualified technician to restore the unit to normal operation.
If the unit has been dropped or the cabinet damaged.
If the unit exhibits a distinct change in performance, this indicates that service is
Replacement Parts – When replacement parts are required, the service technician shall
use replacement parts that are specified by the manufacturer. Unauthorized substitutions
may result in fire, electrical shock or other hazards.
Safety Check – Upon completion of service or repair work on the unit, ask the service
technician to perform safety checks to ensure that the unit operates properly.
Power Sources – Operate the unit only from the type of power source indicated on the
label. If unsure of the type of power supply to use, contact your dealer.
For units intended to operate from battery power, refer to the operating instructions.
For units intended to operate with External Power Supplies, use only the
recommended approved power supplies.
unused for long periods of time, disconnect the unit from power. This will prevent
damage to the unit due to lightning and excessive power line surges.
Installation Manual
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