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Configuring The Transmitter; Testing The Transmitter; Activating Configuration Mode; Exiting Configuration Mode - Bosch SE-TRM-433T01 Installation Manual

Security escort personnel transmitter
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en | Enabling and Disabling Features
Default Setting
Man-down Pre Beep Duration
Tab. 5.1: Factory Reset Features

Configuring the Transmitter

All factory reset features can be configured wirelessly on the transmitter via the coordinator/
receiver using the Central Console software. Enroll transmitter to the Central Console
software before configuration.
Using the Central Console software, enable or disable the features accordingly and send the
configuration to the transmitter. Please refer to the Security Escort Technical Reference Manual
for further details.

Testing the Transmitter

Test your transmitter by standing within sight of a receiver. While holding down the Test
button, press the Alarm button until the transmitter emits 3 short beep tones.
A test transmission is sent to the Central Console, lighting the green LED on a receiver or the
strobe on an outdoor siren-strobe. There might be a brief delay of 2 to 3 seconds before the
flashing light appears.
A successful test transmission will light up the green LED on a receiver; retest if otherwise.

Activating Configuration Mode

Configuration mode on the transmitter is activated by entering the test mode. Note that this
mode is unavailable if Man-down or Lanyard snatch alarms are triggered and active.
While holding down the Test button, press the Alarm button and release. The transmitter is in
configuration mode once it emits 3 short and fast beep tones, every 3 seconds.

Exiting Configuration Mode

The transmitter exits configuration mode automatically once the configuration has been
transferred successfully to the transmitter. If no coordinator/receiver is present, exit the
configuration mode by pressing the Test button.
The transmitter enters operational mode once it exits the configuration mode.
The Security Escort system is not a substitute for safe behavior. Do not take personal risks
believing that the system will protect you.
2017.11 | SE3v1.0 | DL
Installation Manual
Security Escort Personnel Transmitter
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