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Precautions - HP M3815 User Manual

Home blood pressure unit
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990065 Users Guide - Hewlett Packard


• Use this BP Unit only as directed by your Health Care Provider. Use of this medical
instrument is not a substitute for medical care. Only your Health Care Provider is qualified to
interpret the results.
• If you feel unwell, contact your Health Care Provider or call 911.
• Because this BP Unit is intended for your personal medical history, please do not allow
others to use this unit.
• Do not attempt to service or repair the BP Unit yourself. If a mechanical problem occurs,
contact your Health Care Provider and replace the BP unit, as required.
• Avoid exposing the BP unit to extremes in temperature, humidity, direct sunlight, shock, and
• Clean the BP Unit with a dry, soft cloth or a cloth dampened with tap water and mild
detergent, if desired. Never use alcohol, benzene, thinner, or other harsh chemicals to
clean the BP Unit.
• Avoid storing the cuff or hose tightly folded or twisted.


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