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Maintenance - HP M3815 User Manual

Home blood pressure unit
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990065 Users Guide - Hewlett Packard
9. As the cuff pressure automatically decreases, watch the display screen. Notice that the
diastolic numbers decline in increments of two to five mmHg. The increment is called the
exhaust rate. The monitor emits a series of beeps while the diastolic pressure decreases.
NOTE: You may need to use the exhaust rate to troubleshoot Error messages or when you
change cuff size.
10. A long beep signals the end of the BP measurement and the cuff deflates. The Measurement
In Progress symbol disappears. The display window shows your final BP measurement and
pulse rate.
NOTE: If you detected an ERROR message, stopped the BP measurement while in
progress, or feel that the reading might be in error, wait 15 minutes before taking
your blood pressure again.
HINT: After you take the first BP measurement, just slide the cuff off of your arm. Next
time, you will not need to adjust the cuff – just slide it back on your arm and begin
the BP measurement!
Store the BP Unit so that the cuff assembly is not twisted or folded
Replace the batteries when instructed by your Health Care Provider.
NOTE: It is important to take your blood pressure as instructed by your Health Care
Provider. Your Health Care Provider may contact you if they do not receive
measurements as scheduled.




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