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HP M3815 User Manual page 7

Home blood pressure unit
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990065 Users Guide - Hewlett Packard
1. The Radio Test button appears as a shadowy dot to the left of the STANDSTILL and
STEP OFF lights on the front of the BP Unit's monitor. Press and hold the Radio
Test button for at least two seconds until the Hub starts beeping (at a rate of one
beep per second). The display shows rF.
a. If the Hub does not beep, determine if there are any obstacles (such as large metal
objects) between the BP Unit and the Hub.
b. If no obstacles are present, move the BP Unit closer to the Hub.
c. Press the Radio Test button again. If the Hub beeps, the BP Unit is operating
properly. If the Hub does not beep, replace the BP Unit as instructed by your Health
Care Provider.
NOTE: If you accidentally press the Radio Test button, there are no negative
Prepare the cuff assembly
1. Insert the air connector at the end of the cuff hose into the air socket on the side of
the monitor. Gently rotate the connector as you insert it into the socket; the
connector snaps into place.
2. If the cuff has not been threaded through the metal ring, thread the cuff end through
now. Then fold the cuff end back over the ring so that the end fastens to the
VELCRO® closures.


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