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Troubleshooting - HP M3815 User Manual

Home blood pressure unit
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990065 Users Guide - Hewlett Packard
You may be able to perform minor troubleshooting when ERROR
messages appear on the display. Here are some causes and
Display Symbol
WARNING!: If you check for air leakage and retake the
BP measurement, and the measurement is still so
low that it registers this ERROR 1 message – you
may have a medical emergency.
You may want to verify the reading with a conventional BP
monitor. Handle as instructed by your Health Care


corrective actions:
Appears when the
systolic and
measurements are
within 10 mmHg
of each other
Appears if the
pressure value is
unstable due to
movement during
Corrective Action
Check for air
leakage; make sure
the cuff hose is
properly connected
to the monitor and
that the exhaust
rate is between two
and five mmHg.
Take your blood
pressure again and
remain very still.


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