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HP M3815 User Manual page 18

Home blood pressure unit
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990065 Users Guide - Hewlett Packard
If you are unable to troubleshoot the ERROR messages by following these corrective actions,
replace the BP Unit as instructed by your Health Care Provider.
NOTE: If you do not take a daily BP measurement, your Health Care Provider may
contact you to determine why.
Replace Cuff and Adjust Cuff Velocity
If you replace a standard cuff with a Small or Large cuff, you must check and adjust the cuff
Replace the cuff and adjust the cuff velocity as follows:
1. Install the new cuff and take a blood pressure reading. If the exhaust rate is not between two
and five mmHg, turn off the BP unit and continue with the following steps. If the exhaust
rate is within the range, do nothing.
NOTE: Refer to step 9 of How To Take Blood Pressure for information on the exhaust
2. Locate the adjustment screw cover on the back, upper right-hand corner of the monitor. Use
the end of a large, straightened paperclip to pry off the black-circle cover of the adjustment
NOTE: This cover is very thin. Do not push the paperclip end in very far. Push the end in
just enough to pry off the cover.
3. With a small Flathead screwdriver, rotate the adjustment screw about 1/8 turn clockwise to
raise the exhaust rate; or turn the screw counterclockwise to lower the rate.


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