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HP M3815 User Manual page 17

Home blood pressure unit
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990065 Users Guide - Hewlett Packard
Appears if the
pressure value did
not increase during
cuff inflation, the
cuff is not fastened,
incorrect air
connector is used,
or the air connector
is not inserted into
the correct ends of
the hose and
Appears when the
battery voltage is
too low for the
monitor to work
Make sure the cuff
hose is properly
connected to the
monitor, the cuff is
securely fastened,
and the exhaust
rate is between two
and five mmHg.
Check for the
correct air
connector. Make
sure that the air
connector is
inserted into the
hose and monitor.
Normally, your
Health Care
Provider notifies
you that batteries
need to be
replaced. However,
if you see a Low
Battery symbol,
replace batteries
immediately and
perform a Radio


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