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Refrigerant Piping Works - Samsung MCU-S6NEE1N Installation Manual

Air conditioner mode control unit
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Refrigerant piping works

Method and cautions on brazing the pipe
Keeping refrigerant pipe clean and dry
To prevent foreign materials or water from entering the pipe, it is important to keep the refrigerant pipe clean, dry and sealed
during installation.
Exposure place
Outside exposure
Inside exposure
Brazing the pipe
Make sure that there is no moisture inside the pipe.
Make sure that there are no foreign materials and impurities in the pipe.
Make sure that there is no leak.
Make sure to follow the instruction when brazing the pipe.
The use of Nitrogen gas
1. Use Nitrogen gas when brazing the pipes as shown in the picture.
2. If you don't use Nitrogen gas when brazing the pipes, oxide may form
inside the pipe. It can cause the damage of the compressor and valves.
3. Adjust the flow rate of the nitrogen gas with a pressure regulator to
maintain 0.05m
/h(1.77 ft
/h) or less.
Direction of the pipe when brazing
• Performing the brazing of the pipe should be headed downwards or
Method and cautions on refrigerant pipe insulation
Make sure to check for gas leakage before completing the installation (hose and pipe insulation) and insulate hoses and pipes
when there is no sign of leakage.
1. To avoid condensation problems, place T13.0(1/2") or thicker Acrylonitrile
Butadien Rubber separately around each refrigerant pipe.
• Always make the seam of pipes face upwards.
2. Wind insulating tape around the pipes and drain hose avoiding to compress
the insulation too much.
3. Finish wrapping insulating tape around the rest of the pipes leading to the
outdoor unit.
4. The pipes and electrical cables connecting the indoor unit with the outdoor
unit must be fixed to the wall with suitable ducts.
• All refrigerant connection must be accessible, in order to permit
either unit maintenance or removing it completely.
Exposure time
Longer than one month
Shorter than one month
Brazing part
Pressure regulator
Sealing type
Pipe pinch
1/4" copper pipe
Nitrogen gas
Stop valve
No gap
NBR(T13.0(1/2") or thicker)
Insulation cover pipe
Insulation pipe
Be sure to overlap
the insulation
• Must fit tightly against
body without any gap.

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