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Safety Precautions - Samsung MCU-S6NEE1N Installation Manual

Air conditioner mode control unit
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Safety precautions

The safety information and precautions below must be kept for the safety of users and installers.
Before installing an air conditioner, please read this manual thoroughly to ensure that you know how to safely and
efficiently install a new appliance.
DVM S air conditioner uses R-410A refrigerant.
- When using R-410A, moisture or foreign substances may affect the capacity and reliability of the product.
Safety precautions must be taken when installing the refrigerant pipe.
- The designing pressure of the system is 4.1MPa. Select appropriate material and thickness according to the regulations.
- R-410A is a quasi-azeotrope of two refrigerants.
Make sure to charge with liquid phase when filling refrigerant.
If you charge gaseous refrigerant, it may affect the capacity and reliability of the product as a result of change
formation of the refrigerant.
Connect the indoor units for R-410A refrigerant. Check whether the indoor units can be connected with the product's
catalogue. (When incorrect indoor units are connected, they cannot operate normally.)
After installation and trial operation, explain to the customer how to use the air conditioner and give the installation manual
to the user.
The manufacturer is not responsible for accidents due to incorrect installation. Any claims caused by failing to keep the safety
precautions are installer's responsibility. (The installer is responsible for the service cost.)
In case of not following the safety precautions, the service agent or the user may get the risk of
serious wound or death.
In case of not following the safety precautions, the service agent or the user may get the risk of
injury or loss of property.
Installation must be done by the installer or its service agent.
Installation by an unqualified person may cause a water leakage, electric shock or fire and so on.
Install the unit correctly according to the installation manual.
An incorrect installation may cause a water leakage, electric shock or fire.
When installing the unit in a small place, take measures in order to keep the refrigerant concentration from exceeding allowable
safety limits in the event of a refrigerant leak.
Excessive refrigerant concentration can lead to suffocation.
If any gas or impurities except R-410A refrigerant get into the refrigerant pipe, serious problems may occur and this may cause
When installing the unit, only use the components and tools which are specified for the installation.
Using the uncertified components and tools may cause a unit fall, water leakage, electric shock, and a fire.
(Never use the components and pipe for R-22 refrigerant)
Install the unit safely on a place that can support its weight.
If the place cannot support its weight, the unit may fall down and cause injury.
Check out the safety precautions below before installing or fixing the unit.
Before welding the unit, you must remove all the hazardous materials around the unit that may cause an explosion and a fire.
When refrigerant is in the product or the pipe before welding the unit, you must remove the refrigerant.
- If you weld the unit when there is refrigerant inside, the increased pressure of refrigerant may explode or break the leaking spot so that
causes serious injuries.
When welding the unit, please use nitrogen gas to prevent oxide from generating in the pipe
Make sure to cut off all the power supply before installing, fixing, and cleaning the unit.
When the electric wire is damaged, you must exchange it by the manufacturer or its service agent, or a person who has the
equivalent qualification.
When turning on the power, make sure to connect the power supply to the circuit breaker designated for indoor units. (ELCB,
If you do not install the circuit breaker for MCU(ELCB, ELB, MCCB), excessive current or failure to blocking the power supply may cause
electric shock, a fire.

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