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Space Requirements - Samsung MCU-S6NEE1N Installation Manual

Air conditioner mode control unit
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Space requirements

1. Since refrigerant noise can be generated during the MCU operation, do not install the unit on the ceiling of the places
that requires silence such as bedrooms, libraries, hospitals and offices etc.
2. Do not install the MCU in the ceiling of the living area. Otherwise, noise generated from the MCU may disturb people in
that area and cause inconvenience.
<Spaces with developed ceiling>
3. It is normally recommended to install MCU in a hallway but a bulkhead should be installed to minimize the noise from
being transferred to living area. (Refer to the below figure)
Living area
<There is no risk of noise transfer>
Soundproof and soundproofing materials
The place where MCU is installed and the interior walls should have a high soundproof ability.
(Bricks, Concretes, Cement)
The ceiling where MCU is installed should be coated with quality Tex that has a good soundproof function.
Minimize the size of the hole between the walls and the pipe connection. After the installation, block the gap to prevent
noise from leaking.
4. Secure over 0.25m(0.82') of space when MCU is being fixed to the concrete of the ceiling.
5. MCU may generate noise so don't install it too close to the ceiling Tex.
6. Each pipe hanger should be placed at 1.5m(4.92') interval to support its weight firmly.
If the pipe or the hanger isn't fixed firmly, the unit may fall and cause a property damage or loss of life.
7. When 'Low temperature cooling range expansion' option is set for constant cooling operation throughout the year,
noise of the MCU may get louder during winter time. Therefore, above installation conditions must be complied.
Living area
Living area
<Ceiling of the office>
Living area
<There is a risk of noise transfer>

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