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Installation; Notes For Installation; Notes For Power Supply Requirements - LG WD510AS Owner's Manual

Filtered water dispenser
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Notes for Installation

• Keep a distance of over 10 cm between the back
and sides of the appliance and the wall for proper
ventilation. Not doing so can cause malfunctions.
• When connecting the water hose, do not connect it to
the hot water tap. Doing so may cause malfunctions.
• Check the pipe and hose connection for leaks. Water
can leak and cause electric shock or injury.
• When transporting the appliance, do not tilt the
appliance over 30 degrees. Doing so can cause
• Install the appliance in an indoor place with a
surrounding temperature of over 5 °C and less than
35 °C. Not doing so can cause malfunctions.
• Avoid installing the filtered water dispenser in a place
with an uneven ground, a large amount of moisture,
direct sunlight, dust, and direct water splashing.
• Connect the appliance to a drinking water tap with a
water pressure of 147-780 kPa (1.5-7.9 kgf/cm
doing so may cause malfunctions.
• Water should fall through the hot water tank pipe, and
this pipe should be left open.
Notes for Power Supply
This appliance is only for 230 V - 240 V. Make sure to
plug it into a 230 V - 240 V 15 Amp earthed mains outlet.
Do not connect any other electronic appliance or device
to the same power outlet.
The appliance must be earthed to prevent any electrical
leakage or electrical shock.
This product has an earthing pin on the mains plug and
must not be removed. if the power outlet has no earthing
plug, then it must not be used.
The mains plug should only be plugged into an earthed
and fuse protected mains outlet.
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