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Notes For Using The Control Panel; Using The Water Tray - LG WD510AS Owner's Manual

Filtered water dispenser
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Notes for Using the Control Panel

• The control panel will turn on in any of the following
− When the power is turned on
− When a touch button is pressed
• The control panel will dim automatically for energy
saving in any of the following cases.
− When 1 minute has passed after turning on the
− When no further touch button operation is carried
out for 1 minute after a desired touch button is
• If you press a touch button even after the control
panel has dimmed, the relevant function will function.
• The touch buttons on the control panel operate by
responding to an object with static electricity.
• If there is contact with a human body while cleaning
the control panel, the touch button function may
• If the control panel is smeared with a foreign
substance or the touch buttons are operated with
clothing or gloves, the operation may not respond or
• If the control panel is wet, it may not operate or the
touch buttons may malfunction. Remove water before
using the product.
• The dispense button is not a touch button. It operates
only when the center area is pressed.

Using the Water Tray

You can turn the water tray to the left or right to use the
product in various directions.
• If the water tray of the appliance protrudes from a
desk or table, do not place any article on top of the
water tray.
• Do not place heavy items on the water tray.
• Set the direction of the water outlet in the same
direction as the tray when using the product.
If the water tray is filled with water, the buoy will come
up. If you see the orange buoy pop up, drain the water
from the water tray.
• Drain water carefully so that it does not spill on to the


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