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Notes For Operation - LG WD510AS Owner's Manual

Filtered water dispenser
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Notes for Operation

• Open the water supply valve. The filtered water
dispenser operates normally when water is supplied
properly at a consistent pressure that is within the
operating requirement.
• When the hot water and cold water temperature icons
are turned off, check if the power supply has been lost
due to power failure or other reasons.
• It is very important to replace the filter periodically in
order to drink clean water. When using an expired
filter, the performance of the filtered water dispenser
can deteriorate. Always abide by the filter replacement
• If the appliance has not been used for a long period
of time, discharge cold water, Ambient water, and hot
water for 10 minutes each before using, and then use.
Old water can multiply bacteria or change the water
• Do not use filtered water for replacing water in a
humidifier or fishbowl. Leaving filtered water as it is for
a long period of time can cause the water bacteria to
• Use the appliance only after closing the appliance
cover completely. Otherwise, insects or other foreign
substances may get in.
• Do not force the water dispenser outlet up or down or
past its left and right swivel limits. Doing so can cause
damage to the water outlet.
• When heating or freezing water, white sediment may
appear due to minerals in water. These minerals are
harmless to humans.
• Water may remain inside the appliance due to the
inspection process carried out while manufacturing the
appliance. This is not a sign of the appliance having
been used previously and is safe to use.
• Do not use a mechanical device other than any, and
if recommended for improving the performance of
the filtered water dispenser. Doing so may cause
• The instantaneous water heating function requires
preheating time before hot water is dispensed.
• If hot water is not used for 5 seconds, the hot water
function will turn off automatically to prevent burns. If
you have not used hot water for a long period of time,
the temperature of water dispensed on the first glass
may be lower than expected.
• If you use ambient or cold water immediately after
dispensing hot water, the water may still be hot or
warm due to the remaining water in the dispenser
piping. Care should be taken to avoid burns.
• The temperature of the first glass may not be correct
right after changing the hot water temperature, due to
remaining water in the pipe.
• When dispensing hot water, small bursts of water
and steam will be emitted as the cold water is rapidly
heated. when dispensing hot water into a cup, hold
the cup as close to the outlet as possible.
• The instantaneous heating method causes noise while
heating water (before and during water supply).
• When a child uses the product, parental guidance is
needed. As the manipulation unit is located on the top
of the product, you can press the hot water button.
• Steam may be created when source water flows in
abnormally, such as repeated hot water supply and
stop or source water valve locking.
• Do not connect the pressure reducing equipment to
the hot water tank pipe of this product.
Use temperature by hot water temperature (applicable to
the model having hot water functions only)
• 85 ℃ - Coffee, Cup noodle
• 75 ℃ - Green tea, Packet soup
• 40 ℃ - Warm drinking water
Suggestion for Energy Saving
• If the appliance will not be used for a long period of
time, unplug the power plug and drain the water inside
the filtered water dispenser completely.
• In case the hot water function will not be used, turn
the hot water function off.


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