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LG WD510AS Owner's Manual page 8

Filtered water dispenser
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To reduce the risk of minor injury to persons, malfunction, or damage to
the product or property when using this product, follow basic precautions,
including the following:
• Do not tilt the appliance to pull or push it when transporting.
• Connect the water pipe of the appliance to potable water only. Water other than
potable water can increase the risk of exposure to disease. Other types of water
can reduce the appliance life or cause malfunctions.
• Hot water may splatter, so install the drain hose carefully to the drain.
• Make sure not to get a body part such as a hand or foot stuck while moving the
• Prevent animals from nibbling on the power cable or water hoses.
• Supervise a child or a person with poor cognitive skills to ensure they use the
appliance safely.
• Do not damage the pipes of the refrigerant circuit.
• Replace the filter with a LG standard filter periodically according to the replacement
period. Older filters can multiply bacteria or change the taste of the water. The filter
replacement period varies according to the usage, place of usage, season, and
water quality.
• Be sure to use a cup or container that has a handle when you use the hot water
function, and use an adequately sized vessel when dispensing the water volume
amounts of 500ml and 1000ml.(Only applicable to a model with hot water function)
• Take care against the possibility of damaging the pipe (inlet, outlet) in order to
prevent water leakage.
• If the water tray of the appliance protrudes from a desk or table, do not place any
article on top of the water tray.
• Do not allow pets, or any persons to hang from or climb on the appliance.
Appliance Usage Range
This appliance is intended to be used in households and similar applications
only. It should not be used for commercial, or catering purposes, or in any mobile
application such as a caravan or boat.


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