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Around The Front Of The System; Lcd Panel; Base Unit - NEC Versa LXi Series Service And Reference Manual

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Around the Front of the System

The NEC Versa is compact with features on every side. First, look at the front of the NEC
Versa. The following sections describe front features, beginning with the liquid crystal display
(LCD) panel.

LCD Panel

Your NEC Versa LXi comes with a 1024x768, 64K colour LCD panel that you can adjust for a
comfortable viewing position. To adjust the viewing angle, gently tilt the LCD panel into
position. Depending on the model, your system is equipped with a:
14.1-inch colour Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Extended Graphics Array (XGA) panel, or
15.0-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Extended Graphics Array (XGA) panel.
To adjust the LCD panel brightness press the
about using the system's function keys, see the section, "Keyboard," later in this chapter.

Base Unit

The base unit of your NEC Versa offers the following features, which are described after the
A – Stereo Speakers
B – Keyboard
C – LCD Panel
Stereo Speakers — Provide stereo sound for your multimedia presentations or listening
pleasure. The built-in sound system also supports 3D sound, which simulates the latest
surround-sound technology.
Keyboard — 85 keys with the standard QWERTY-key layout. (Models purchased
outside of the U.S. and Canada ship with country-specific keyboard layouts.)
LCD Panel — Provides a high-resolution display for sharp, effective visuals on your
NEC Versa.
LCD panel and base unit
D – Operating Status LEDs
E – Power Button
F – NEC VersaGlide
functions keys. For more details
System Overview 1-3


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