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Broiling; Convection Cooking - Whirlpool W11085352E User Manual

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Frozen Bake™
Frozen Bake™ Technology automatically adjusts the
manufacturer's bake time by combining preheating and baking,
to deliver great packaged frozen food results without the wait.
There are six programmed food options to choose from: Pizza,
Lasagna, Nuggets, Fries, Pie and Meal. The Frozen Bake™
cycles have been customized to work only with these foods.
When using Frozen Bake™ Technology, it is important that
you follow all manufacturer's instructions including venting,
covering, stirring or placing on a baking sheet to ensure a good
result. When cooking frozen meals, only cook items that provide
instructions for cooking in a conventional oven. Place your dish
in the center of the rack and select one of the rack positions
recommended for Frozen Bake™ in the "Positioning Racks and
Bakeware" section and bake only one package or pan at a time.
Use the temperature and maximum bake time from the package.
A tone will alert you to check the food for doneness before the
cook time is complete and again at the end of the cook time. The
display will prompt you to add additional cook time if desired.


When broiling, preheat the oven for 2 minutes before putting
food in, unless recommended otherwise in the recipe. Position
food on grid in a broiler pan, and then place it in the center of
the oven rack.
IMPORTANT: Close the door to ensure proper broiling
Changing the temperature when broiling allows more precise
control when cooking. The lower the broil setting is, the slower
the cooking. Thicker cuts and unevenly shaped pieces of meat,
fish and poultry may cook better at lower broil settings. Use rack
6 or 7 for broiling. Refer to the "Positioning Racks and Bakeware"
section for more information.
On lower settings, the broil element will cycle on and off to
maintain the proper temperature.
For best results, use a broiler pan and grid. It is designed
to drain juices and help avoid spatter and smoke.
If you would like to purchase a broiler pan, one may be
ordered. See the "Accessories" section.

Convection Cooking

In a convection oven, the fan-circulated hot air continually
distributes heat more evenly than the natural movement of air
in a standard thermal oven. This movement of hot air helps
maintain a consistent temperature throughout the oven, cooking
foods more evenly, crisping surfaces while sealing in moisture,
and yielding crustier breads.
During convection baking or roasting, the bake, broil, and
convection elements cycle on and off in intervals while the fan
circulates the hot air. During convection broiling, the broil and
convection elements cycle on and off.
If the oven door is opened during convection cooking, the fan
will turn off immediately. It will come back on when the oven
door is closed.
With convection cooking, most foods can be cooked at a lower
temperature and/or a shorter cooking time than in a standard
thermal oven. Use the following chart as a guide.
Convection Mode
Time/Temp. Guidelines
Convection Bake
25°F (15°C) lower temperature;
possible shortened cooking time
Convection Roast
Cooking time shortened by up to 30%
Convection Broil
Shortened cooking time
Convect Options
Convect Bake: multiple-rack baking or cookies, biscuits, breads,
casseroles, tarts, tortes, cakes
Convect Roast: whole chicken or turkey, vegetables, pork roasts,
beef roasts
Convect Broil: thicker cuts or unevenly shaped pieces of meat,
fish, or poultry


Table of Contents

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