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Webb 1938175001 Operator's Manual

51cm self propelled high wheel steel decked lawnmower
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51cm Self Propelled
High Wheel Steel Decked
Operator's Manual
Please read & understand this manual, paying particular attention to the safety instructions, before use.
The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product specifi cation and livery according to continues product improvements.


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  • Page 1 High Wheel Steel Decked Lawnmower WER51SP 1938175001 Operator’s Manual Please read & understand this manual, paying particular attention to the safety instructions, before use. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product specifi cation and livery according to continues product improvements.
  • Page 3 CONTENTS SPECIFICATION IMPORTANT INFORMATION GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS KNOW YOUR MACHINE ASSEMBLY FUEL & OIL OPERATION MAINTENANCE PARTS DIAGRAM & LIST GUARANTEE DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY SPECIFICATION Model WER51SP Product Number 1938175001 Engine model SL1P68F, 4 stroke, forced air cooling Engine displacement 163cc Engine rating power 2.5 kW Rated speed 2900 min Fuel tank capacity 1.3 L Oil tank capacity 0.6 L Cutting width 510 mm Grass bag capacity 60 L Net weight (including engine) 35 kg Adjustable cutting height 26 - 68 mm / 7 stages Dimensions: a = 157cm b = 105.5cm...
  • Page 4 INSTRUCTION MANUAL IMPORTANT INFORMATION WARNING: Read this instruction manual carefully before operating this machine. Make sure that you are familiar with the controls and properly operate the machine. Following these instructions to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and personal injury. IF NOT USED PROPERLY THIS MACHINE CAN BE DANGEROUS! This machine can cause serious injury to the operator and others, the warning and safety instructions must be followed to ensure reasonable safety and efficiency in using this product. The operator is responsible for following the warning and safety instructions in this manual and on the machine. Never use the product unless the fixing screws or guards are correctly positioned. DESIGNED FOR DOMESTIC USE ONLY. The Lawnmower is designed for use in private gardens, whose annual use does not generally exceed 50 hours and that are primarily used for GRASS & LAWN AREAS, but not in public facilities, parks or sports grounds and not for agricultural, commercial or forestry use. Compliance with this manual supplied by the manufacturer is a prerequisite for the proper usage of the machine. The operating manual contains servicing and maintenance instructions as well as directions for use. TRAINING Read the instructions carefully: Be familiar with the controls and the proper use of the equipment. Never allow children or people unfamiliar with these instructions to use the product. Local regulations can restrict the age of the operator. Never operate while people, especially children, or pets are nearby. Keep in mind that the operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards involving the machine that occur to other people or their property.
  • Page 5 GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS It is important that you read and understand the owner’s manual and labels affixed to the machine. Learn its application and limitations as well as the specific potential hazards. Retain these instructions for future reference. The operator is responsible for following the warnings & instructions in this manual and on the product. This graphic and when accompanied by Read the instruction handbook before WARNING or DANGER, calls attention operating this machine. to actions which could lead to SERIOUS INJURY Wear foot protection or sensible shoes We recommend eye and ear protection when using the machine Always wear gloves to protect your Remove all objects that could be hands. thrown by the blade in the working SHARP ROTATING BLADES area. Keep hands and feet clear of the The cutting blade will continue to cutting deck when the machine is rotate after the motor is switched off running. Be careful when using on slopes. Do Do not expose to rain or damp not operate on inclines greater than condition 15°. It is advised to cut across the incline. Keep all bystanders & animals at least 15 metres away from the machine No smoking. during operation. Do not use near a flame, or sparks If approached, stop the machine immediately. Fire Risk Fire and its vapors are extremely Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.
  • Page 6 INSTRUCTION MANUAL PREPARATION Do not pull the mower backwards unless Always wear appropriate footwear, such as necessary. Use extreme caution when work boots, and trousers when operating reversing or pulling the lawnmower the mower. Do not operate the equipment towards you. when barefoot or wearing open sandals. Stop the blade(s) if the lawnmower must be Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses tilted for transportation when crossing with side shields when operating the surfaces other than grass (such as gravel mower. drives, walks, or roads) & when transporting the lawnmower to & from the area to be mowed. Never pick up or carry a lawnmower while the engine is running. Never operate the lawnmower with defective guards, or without safety devices, for example deflectors and/or grass catchers, in place. Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts. Keep clear of the discharge opening at all times. Stop the engine: ü before clearing blockages or unclogging the chute; Thoroughly inspect the area where the ü before checking, cleaning or working on equipment is to be used and remove all the lawnmower; objects which can be thrown by the ü after striking a foreign object inspect machine.
  • Page 7 stages. Start at a higher cutting height and INSPECT YOUR MACHINE go over the same area a second time with a Check all bolts, nuts, and screws for lower cutting height. tightness before each use, especially those Do not cut wet grass; it will stick to the securing guards and drive mechanisms. underside of the deck and prevent proper Vibration during use may cause these to collection or discharge of grass clippings. loosen. New or thick grass may require a higher Replace damaged, missing or failed parts cutting height. before using. Warning labels carry important information. Empty the grass box regularly, the discharge Replace any missing or damaged warning chute will become blocked with grass cuttings. labels. The mower is designed to operate and cut DRESS PROPERLY most effectively when moving forwards. Do not wear loose clothing, gloves, scarfs, MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE neckties or jewellery (rings, wrist watches), Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be which can be caught in moving parts. sure the equipment is in safe working ALWAYS wear protective eye and ear wear. condition. Appropriate gloves are also recommended. Replace worn or damaged parts for safety. Wear protective hair covering to contain Keep the machine free of grass, leaves, or long hair, preventing it from getting caught other debris build-up. in machinery. DO NOT use whilst barefoot or wearing Allow the machine to cool before storing.
  • Page 8 INSTRUCTION MANUAL manufacturer’s original replacement parts carburetor, which is not covered by the should be used. The use of non-original manufacturer’s warranty. manufacturer parts may invalidate your SERVICE warranty. Servicing requires extreme care and STORE IDLE EQUIPMENT knowledge and should be performed only When not in use, the machine should be by a qualified service technician. stored in a dry location. Keep the machine For service, we suggest you contact your away from children and others not qualified nearest garden machinery specialist for to use it. DO NOT STORE FUEL IN THE repair. When servicing, use only identical MACHINE, fuel over 30 days old can replacement parts. become stale and if used, damage the KNOW YOUR MACHINE 12 Fuel tank OPC/Brake lever Wheel Drive lever Side discharge guide plate 13 Rear flap Handle Side discharge cover 14 Throttle control unit Flash nut 10 Connecting bar 15 Spark plug Grass bag 11 Air filter 16 Deck cover...
  • Page 9 ASSEMBLY Remove the contents from the carton and ensure you have all the below listed components: Spark Plug Spanner x1, Instruction Manual x1, Multi-Spanner x1, Cable Ties x2, Upper Handle Wing Nut & Bolts x2, Lower Handle Nuts & Bolts x2, Recoil Starter Guide x1, Mulch Plug x1 (this may be fitted to the machine for transit purposes), Side discharge cover. STEP 1 – HANDLES Place the lower handles onto the deck and secure by inserting the lower bolts & nuts. Tighten until secure. Pair the upper handle to the lower handle. Starting on the right side, place a bolt through the recoil starter guide, lower & upper handles and secure with a wing nut until tight. Repeat on the left side. Secure the OPC/Brake & Drive cables to the upper and lower handles, using the cable ties supplied. Hold the OPC/Brake lever up to the upper handle. Slowly raise the recoil starter up to the guide and house.
  • Page 10 INSTRUCTION MANUAL STEP 2 – GRASS COLLECTOR Left the rear grass flap and place the grass collector onto the bar and secure on the deck hooks. Place the grass flap on top of the grass collector. FUEL & OIL ADD FUEL Unscrew the machine fuel cap slowly and fill the fuel tank with your fuel mixture to a • maximum of 80% capacity. This will allow for fuel tank expansion. Fasten the fuel cap tightly, being careful not to cross-thread. This will also prevent loosening • through vibration during use. Wipe away any spillage, with an appropriate material. • • If the machine has continued leaks, the product should not be started. Never use the machine with damaged ignition cable or spark plug cap, as there is a risk of sparks. • Use good quality unleaded fuel which contains NO ETHANOL or METHANOL. Use Branded 89 octane or higher unleaded fuel, known to be of good quality. • Fuel which is older than 30 days old can become stale and cause acid & gum deposits in the fuel system or essential carburetor components. This could result in starting issues which would not be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. • To keep fuel fresh, we recommend you use Handy Parts – Sure Start Garden Machinery Fuel Additive which is available in 250ml bottles, for 25 litres of fuel. ü Helps makes machines easier to start ü Extends shelf life of petrol up to 2 years ü Keeps carburetor & engine clean ü Reduces emissions & increases fuel economy IMPORTANT Ensure that any stored petrol is clearly marked in a separate appropriate canister for a maximum of 30 days. FUEL OVER 30 DAYS OLD WILL CAUSE THE CARBURETTOR TO BLOCK &...
  • Page 11 ADD OIL ü Recommended oil - 4-stroke SAE30 or 10W/30 engine oil. ü Remove the oil filler cap & dipstick ü Pour 0.6L of 4-stroke SAE30 or 10W/30 engine oil into the filler tube. ü Do not over or underfill the engine. Catastrophic failure can occur, not covered under warranty. CHECK OIL LEVEL 1. Check the oil with the engine stopped and on a level surface. 2. Remove the oil filler cap/dipstick and wipe it clean. 3. Insert the oil filler cap/dipstick into the oil filler neck as shown, but do not screw it in, then remove it to check the oil level. 4. If the oil level is near or below the lower limit mark on the dipstick, remove the oil filler cap/dipstick & fill with the recommended oil to the upper limit mark. Do not overfill. 5. Reinstall the oil filler cap/dipstick. Operating the engine with insufficient oil can have catastrophic consequences. Any failure caused by insufficient oil, will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, supplied with this machine.
  • Page 12 INSTRUCTION MANUAL OPERATION DANGER: All lawnmowers can throw small stones, metal or small objects as well as material being cut. Do not allow anyone to enter the operating DANGER ZONE with you. The danger zone is an area 20 metres in radius Insist that persons in the RISK ZONE beyond the danger zone wear eye protection from thrown objects. If the unit must be used where there are unprotected people, operate at a low throttle speed to reduce the risk of thrown objects. DANGER ZONE WITHIN 20 METRES - RISK ZONE GREATER THAN 20 METRES ENGINE STARTING & STOPPING PROCEDURE WARNING: Prior to operating, ensure all bolts, screws & nuts are securely tightened. OPC/BRAKE LEVER - must be held up to the Push Handle to for the engine to start. Release to stop the engine. STARTER/RECOIL HANDLE - used for starting engine. DRIVE LEVER - used to engage the drive self-propelled forward motion of lawnmower. Push the lever up to the Push Handle and the machine will drive forwards. Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4 Fig 5 Fig 6 STARTING (COLD ENGINE): Make sure your mower is on safe, flat surface (a paved area or path is ideal, avoid thick wet grass & gravel surfaces) away from fuel or fueling area. Move the throttle control lever to the START position (Fig 1). Firmly hold the OPC/Brake lever against the top handle with your left hand (Fig 4), and then with your right handle, pull the recoil starter cord until you feel resistance. Then apply a vigorous pull with one positive action (Fig 6). Guide the cord back to its rest position, do not let the rope fling back. Repeat if the engine does not start. Once the engine has been running for 30 seconds, move the throttle control lever to the RUN position (Fig 2).
  • Page 13 STARTING (WARM/HOT ENGINE) Make sure your mower is on safe, flat surface (a paved area or path is ideal, avoid thick wet grass & gravel surfaces) away from fuel or fueling area. Move the throttle control level to the RUN position (Fig 2). Firmly hold the OPC/Brake lever against the top handle with your left hand (Fig 4), and then with your right handle, pull the recoil starter cord until you feel resistance. Then apply a vigorous pull with one positive action. Guide the cord back to its rest position, do not let the rope fling back. Repeat if the engine does not start. STOPPING Gradually release the OPC/Brake lever, until the engine stops. CUTTING COLLECT Remove the mulch plug, put the side discharge cover into the closed position and place the grass collector onto the rear of the machine. Grass will discharge into the grass collector. SIDE DISCHARGE Remove the mulch plug and grass collector. Put the side discharge cover into the open position and fit the side discharge chute. Grass will discharge onto your lawn at the side of the machine. MULCH Put the side discharge cover into the closed position. Fit the mulch plug into the rear discharge chute. The grass collector can be fitted for convenience. The grass will then be dispersed under the lawnmower into your lawn in fine cuttings. This is a natural feed for your lawn. CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT WARNING: Always turn the mower off, before adjusting the cutting height. For best results, adjust the cutting height of your mower to suit your lawn conditions. Do not try to cut too much grass in one pass. Adjustment of the cutting height is made centrally. Turn off the mower and take the weight of the mower by lightly lifting the bottom handle crossbar. Take hold of the Cutting Height Adjustment Lever, positioned on the mower’s right-hand rear wheel. Move the lever outwards to release it from its locating notch. Move the lever towards the front of the machine to increase the cutting height and towards the rear to reduce the cutting height. Return the lever to the locating notch to set the desired cutting height. Make sure the handle fits snugly and securely into its serrated holder (fig 9).
  • Page 14 INSTRUCTION MANUAL MOWING THE LAWN Press the lower side of the handle to release and remove the mulching insert (Fig. B). When removing the mulching insert, you should drag it to the left side and remove it from the mower deck. Side discharge attachment Use the side discharge attachment when For best results, cut your lawn in using the product for side discharging. alternative directions, switching each time you cut. Cut your lawn at an equal height. Slightly overlap your cutting lines. Remove longer grass in sections and pass over the same grass at a lower height, in a second movement. Mulching Plug The mulching insert prevents grass from being collected by blocking the collection chute. This allows the grass clippings to Before using the side discharge function, be deposited back on the lawn during press down the end of the lock. cutting. (Fig. C & Fig. D). Open the rear deflector guard, hold it in Lift the side deflector guard and attach position and insert the mulching insert the lugs of the chute to the guard bar into the rear discharge chute (Fig. A). (Fig E). Ensure the lower side of the handle snaps in place.
  • Page 15 MAINTENANCE WARNING: Before inspecting, cleaning, or servicing the machine, disconnect the Spark Plug from the machine. Failure to follow the instructions can result in serious personal injury or property damage. CLEANING WARNING: Turn off your mower before undertaking any cleaning. Cut grass is damp. Regular cleaning after each use will ensure better functioning of the machine and reduce the risk of corrosion or seizure. Having finished mowing allow the engine to cool, then remove the accumulated grass clippings from and around the engine with a brush. Clean the grass collector annually with a brush or gently spray water and allow to dry. Clean the underneath of the deck regularly – disconnect the spark plug and tilt the machine backwards. Remove the cut grass with a scraper or brush. DO NOT USE pressure washers or hot water to clean the mower. Dry off the machine before storing, by leaving it running for a few minutes on a flat, clean surface to prevent corrosion or seizure. STORING YOUR MOWER Store the mower in a dry, well ventilated area away from flames, sparks, or heat sources. Disconnect the spark plug. Avoid storing underneath a tarpaulin or similar cover as it may cause condensation resulting in corrosion. Winter storage: thoroughly clean the mower. Run the engine outdoors until the fuel tank is empty). Alternatively, use a suction pump to remove with the engine off and run the engine until the remaining fuel is consumed. Turn the fuel tap to OFF. Dispose of discarded fuel safely & responsibly. Remove the spark plug, pour a tablespoon of SAE30 or 10W/30 4-stroke engine oil into the cylinder opening. Gently pull the recoil rope several times to distribute oil around the engine, to protect the cylinder over winter. Replace and tighten the spark plug. TRANSPORTING THE MOWER Ensure the fuel tank is empty. Run the engine until any remaining fuel is consumed. Allow the engine to cool.
  • Page 16 INSTRUCTION MANUAL BLADE MAINTENANCE WARNING: Blades are sharp. When handling the blade assembly, wear non-slip, heavy-duty protective gloves. Do not place your naked hand or fingers on the blade or in any position where they could get cut. NEVER touch the blades or service the unit when the engine is running. SHARPENING Never attempt to sharpen the blade yourself. The blade must remain balanced; an unbalanced blade will cause excessive vibration through the machine. Always have a blade sharpened by a professional garden machinery specialist. Always check for any damage before each use and replace a damaged blade immediately, with an approved replacement part. CHANGE – (TWO PERSON OPERATION) Disconnect the spark plug cap & remove the fuel and oil. Tilt the mower on its side with air filter side uppermost. Firmly grip the blade with the gloved hand and remove the blade bolt, blade washer, blade and blade housing. Check all the components to ensure they are undamaged. When refitting the blade, ensure the turned-up edges of the blade are turned up towards the machine. When replacing the blade, the blade bolt should also be replaced. A damaged or unbalanced blade will cause excessive vibration and should be replaced immediately. AIR FILTER Inspect the air filter each time the engine is operated. You will need to clean the air filter more frequently if you operate the engine in very dusty areas. Always replace with genuine replacement parts. NOTE: Operating the engine without an air cleaner, or with a damaged air cleaner, will allow dirt to enter the engine, causing rapid engine wear. This type of damage is not covered under the Warranty Remove the air filter cover lid & remove the foam filter cartridge. Clean the cartridge in warm water containing a few drops of washing-up liquid, until it is clean & free from all grease & dust. Rinse the cartridge in clean water & gently squeeze to remove water. Let it air dry naturally. Clean the cover & inside of the air filter box with a clean lint-free cloth. Apply a uniform layer of oil to the outside of the cartridge filter with a brush (you can use clean engine oil). Insert the filter cartridge into its housing and replace the filter lid, ensuring that each component is properly installed.
  • Page 17 SPARK PLUG Check the spark plug initially after the first five hours of mower use. Thereafter, maintenance of the sparkplug should take place every 25 hours. Remove the spark plug cap (Fig.15) using a rotary motion & then remove the spark plug with the wrench provided (Fig.16). Clean off any carbon deposits using a copper brush and check the electrode gap with a feeler gauge (the gap should be 0.7 mm). Replace and tighten the serviced spark plug and replace the cap. If the spark plug is worn or damaged, replace with a new spark plug of the same or suitable type for the engine. If in doubt, contact your point of purchase or local dealer. SCHEDULE REGULAR SERVICE PERIOD (4) Every Every First Every 3 Every 6 Two Before Year ITEM Month Months Months Years Each Perform at every indicated month Use 100 or operating hour interval, 5 Hours 25 Hours 50 Hours 250 Hours whichever comes first. Hours Check Engine Oil...
  • Page 18 INSTRUCTION MANUAL TROUBLE SHOOTING Failures such as a difficulty in starting the engine, irregularity in functions and abnormality in performance can normally be prevented if careful attention is paid to all operating instructions and maintenance procedures. Should the engine not function properly, check the following? That the fuel system is in good condition and fuel is flowing to the engine. • The ignition system is in good condition and the spark plug, sparks correctly. • Compression of the engine is adequate. • FAILURE TO START Correctly follow the starting procedure, not priming the engine can cause the engine to not • start. Dispose of fuel from the tank, particularly if to be left for over 30 days. • Ensure that fuel is fresh and clean. • Check fuel filter to ensure it is clean. (Replace filter if necessary). • Make sure air filter elements are clean. • Install a new, properly gapped spark plug 0.7mm gap) • When there is serious trouble with the unit, do not try to repair it yourself, but have your • local approved service dealer inspect it for you.
  • Page 19 NOTES...
  • Page 20 EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY We Handy Distribution Ltd - SN3 5HY (Importer) declare that the product: Designation: 51cm Self Propelled Rotary Lawnmower Model(s): WER51SP Product Number: 1938175001 Type/Serial No. As per rating label on machine Complies with the following directives: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC EMC Directive 2014/30/EU EU Noise Directive 2000/14/EC Annex VI & 2005/88/EC The conformity assessment procedure followed was in accordance with EN ISO 5395-1:2013, EN ISO 5395-2:2013, EN ISO 5395-1:2013, EN ISO 5395-2:2013/A2:2017 EN ISO 14982 :2009 EN ISO 3744: 1995 & ISO 11094:1991 Guaranteed Sound Power Level: L = 98dB(A) Vibration Level: 6.12 m/s² (Uncertainty – K=1.5m/s Notified Body: TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH Addresses: Zertifizierstelle, Ridlerstraße 65, 80339 München, Germany Authorised signatory and technical file holder Date: 24/10/2017 Signature: Name: Mr Simon Belcher Position: Managing Director Company: Handy Distribution Ltd Address: Murdock Rd, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 5HY.
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  • Page 22 INSTRUCTION MANUAL This Service Book is provided with your Webb, to help you look after your purchase to our recommendations and enable you to take advantage of the 2 year conditional manufacturer domestic warranty*. * Commercial/Professional & Hire users receive a 90 day warranty Present this service book to your authorised Webb repair dealer, whenever a service or a warranty appraisal is required.
  • Page 23 SERVICE BOOK 1. Users Statement of Warranty Each new machine is warranted against defective material or assembly of material under normal usage. The warranty applies to the original purchaser, is not transferable and covers faulty parts and the labour involved in replacing and repairing those parts, which are of original manufacture.
  • Page 24 It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their Webb machine is maintained at specifi c intervals. Any approved Webb service dealer can undertake a service, which are specialised in our products and will be aware of your particular machine and any technical updates which will save valuable time &...
  • Page 25 SERVICE BOOK Your servicing Webb approved dealer will stamp & date the below relevant sections, when the correct service actions have been completed. PLEASE ENSURE THE SERVICE BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR THE DEALER, DURING SERVICE WORK. 1st Service This must be stamped by an approved service dealer to qualify for a free second year warranty.
  • Page 26: Service Record

    Service Record INSTRUCTION MANUAL 48 Months 60 Months Date Date 72 Months 84 Months Date Date 96 Months 108 Months Date Date 120 Months 132 Months Date Date...
  • Page 27 & services we provide, including information that we believe is relevant to your and/or your machine. We value your trust by giving us this information about yourself and we are committed to protecting your privacy. From time to time Webb, its associated companies, authorised dealers or third parties working on our behalf may wish to contact you regarding our products, services, offers, technical improvements or just opinions, which may be used for marketing, research or analysis purposes.
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