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Positioning Guide - Miele AWD 10 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic detergent dispensing unit
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Installation and connection

Positioning guide

The positioning guide is used to
position the detergent dispensing unit
securely on the lid of the washing
machine. It prevents the unit from
moving about during spinning.
The positioning guide must be
screwed in place if the washing
machine is installed on a plinth or on
a surface which is prone to vibration,
e.g. wooden floorboards.
Securing the positioning guide
– To stick it in place
The positioning guide has an adhesive
^ Observe the dimensions given in the
illustration below before you attach
the guide to ensure that the
dispensing unit cannot protrude over
the washing machine lid.
^ Remove the backing strip from the
guide and stick the guide on the
washing machine lid.
– To screw the guide in place
^ After sticking the positioning guide in
place, use the screws supplied to
secure it.
Only use the screws supplied
to secure it to the washing machine
Using different screws could
damage the washing machine.
^ Place the base of the dispensing unit
on the positioning guide.

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