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Warning And Safety Instructions - Miele AWD 10 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic detergent dispensing unit
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Warning and Safety instructions

This detergent dispensing unit
conforms to current safety
requirements. Inappropriate use
can, however, lead to personal injury
and damage to property.
To avoid the risk of accidents and
damage to the unit, please read
these instructions carefully before
using it for the first time. They
contain important information on its
safety, use and maintenance.
Keep these instructions in a safe
place and ensure that new users are
familiar with the content. Pass them
on to any future owner.
Correct application
The detergent dispensing unit may
only be used with a suitable Miele
washing machine. Only use the unit to
dispense detergent designed for
domestic use and for washing fabrics.
Any other applications could be
dangerous. Miele cannot be held liable
for damage resulting from incorrect or
improper use or operation.
This detergent dispensing unit is not
intended for use by people with
reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience or
knowledge, unless they are supervised
whilst using it or have been shown how
to use it correctly by a person
responsible for their safety.
Safety with children
Keep children away from the
detergent dispensing unit at all times. It
is not a toy! To avoid the risk of injury,
do not allow children to play with it.
Older children may only use the
detergent dispensing unit when its
operation has been clearly explained to
them and they are able to use it safely,
recognising the dangers of misuse.
Technical safety
Before setting up the detergent
dispensing unit, check it for any
externally visible damage.
Do not install or use a damaged unit.
Faulty components must only be
replaced by genuine Miele original
spare parts. Only when these parts are
fitted can the safety standards of the
appliance be guaranteed.

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