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General Problems - Miele AWD 10 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic detergent dispensing unit
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White residues which
look like powder
detergent are seen on
dark textiles after

General problems

There are dark specks
in the liquid detergent.
The powder detergent
contained compounds
(zeolites) to aid water
softening which are not
soluble in water. They
have ended up on the
Mould has developed in
the detergent.
Problem solving guide
– Try and brush off the
residues with a soft brush
once the laundry is dry.
– Wash dark textiles using a
detergent which contains
no zeolites. Liquid
detergents usually contain
no zeolites.
– Use the Dark garments for
dark coloured laundry.
– Pour the liquid detergent
out of the container and
then clean the container
– Make sure you replace the
lid of the liquid detergent
container to avoid mould
developing again.

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