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Cleaning The Container And Agitator - Miele AWD 10 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic detergent dispensing unit
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Cleaning the container and agitator

Clean the container and agitator
every six months.
^ Remove the lid.
^ Pour any remaining powder
detergent into another container to
keep it for future use.
^ Remove the dosing cog as described
on the previous page.
^ Before unscrewing the coupling,
make sure that the agitator is visible
in the detergent compartment.
Otherwise it will not be possible to
remove the agitator later on.
Cleaning and care
^ If necessary, use the coupling to turn
the agitator a bit further.
^ Use a screwdriver to unscrew the
screw from the coupling and then
remove the coupling from the
^ Turn the container over.
^ Remove the agitator.

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